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Why you need to know the difference between an MOT and a service

An MOT is a required test to ensure that your vehicle is drivable; a Car Repair Leicester follows comprehensive guidance established by the car maker and is fit to keep your vehicle in peak condition.

Consider it this way. For a medical check-up you usually go to the doctor. The doctor says all of it is fine; you could lose a few lbs, your vision isn’t 20/20, and you have a runny nose, but other than that you’re fine. You passed your MOT, but you would not go for a marathon any sooner.

You attend a fitness test at the gym. They alter your diet, provide you with a personal trainer, and you are capable of running a marathon.

car repair Leicester

That’s your service: living longer and staying fitter.

So, while a car that satisfies its MOT is drivable, it is not necessarily in peak condition. Things may be beginning to go wrong mechanically, the oil may need to get  changed, or the air cleaner, fuel filter, and spark plugs might need a replacement. Achieving all of this will not only make the vehicle operate more smoothly, but it will also be more affordable to run.

While a MOT and a service both check comparable things, like tyre tread depth, car seat anchorings, etc, a service substitutes some parts, which improves not only your car’s performance, but also the efficiency and longevity.

The short answer to the question “Does my automobile need a service?” is yes.

Here is the reason why both an MOT and a service are necessary for your car.

If your vehicle is three years or older, it must get MOT checked. It’s a legal necessity, and more crucially, your car insurance will be void if you don’t have a current MOT certificate. An Mot Leicester must get  required by law to guarantee that your vehicle is safe to operate and will not endanger other road users.

Is a service similar to a MOT?

No. It also evaluates automotive emissions and compares criteria to government-set regulations. Driving an automobile that is more than three years old without no MOT certificate is illegal.

You will not be able to gather car insurance unless you have one.

Service is very much like an annual vehicle inspection. It not only keeps your car running smoothly and safely, but it also helps to preserve its value, particularly if you use a franchise agreement dealership where authentic parts should get used by manufacturer-trained technicians.

Servicing should be pretty easy if done on a regular basis. Any minor niggles can get discussed before they become a problem and endanger the long-term health of your vehicle. However, if your car hasn’t been serviced in years, its safety and health may get jeopardised

Cars necessitates proper upkeep from time to time. Filters clog, oil needs to get  changed, and batteries die, so don’t be tempted to skip or postpone a service to save money – it will cost you in the long run. A poorly maintained vehicle can lead to poor fuel economy at the moment and large repair bills later on.

While a MOT examines several zones that are also examined during a service, it focuses on the absolute minimum standards for a car to get used securely on UK roads, such as working lights and wiper blades, safe bodywork, and no fuel leaks.

A car service does not only verify these basics, but it will also help make sure that the vehicle is running as smoothly as possible, extending the vehicle’s lifespan and lowering operating costs.

If you maintain pace with your car’s servicing timetable, as per the manufacturer’s recommendations, your vehicle should pass its MOT with no additional work is necessary.  A car that isn’t serviced on a regular basis, on the other hand, is likely to fail its Mot Leicester  and necessitate costly repairs to get it back on the road lawfully.


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