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For a healthy life, drinking clean and pure water is important. Due to inorganic components and harmful toxins, using tap water for drinking becomes a risk. Drinking contaminated water causes thousands of health issues like kidney problems and high blood pressure. The main reason for the contamination of water is natural deterioration and also environmental pollution that is increasing day by day. It becomes necessary to filter your water to get clean, pure, and safe water.

Many people are using RO service Palakkad to get good-quality water. The reason behind it is that it can remove impurities from water and make it ready for consumption. Not only in the household now, RO filters are used in offices, hospitals, and other commercial places. RO can remove approx97 percent of harmful bacteria and impurities from water through its effective technology. RO is the best impurities removable solution for contaminated water; hence, it is today’s market’s most demandable water filter.

Importance of Water Purifier Maintenance

Safety from water-borne illnesses

We can avoid be coming sick from drinking contaminated water without a proper water purifier. As a universal solvent, water can break down various substances. This creates an environment favorable for the growth of water-borne pathogens. With Water Purifier Installation Kochi based, if a water purifier is functioning at peak effectiveness, it may remove all traces of contamination from the water.

Aids in Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining an adequate amount of body hydration through the consumption of water is necessary for leading a healthy life. A water purifier sterilizes it thoroughly to make the water safe for ingestion. Consuming untreated water can cause various health concerns, including dehydration, headache, gastrointestinal distress, and muscle tension.

Improve Immunity

We can maintain our health and our immune system by drinking water that has been adequately purified. A water purifier can remove any harmful contaminants from the water, making it suitable for human consumption. This strengthens our defenses again stillness and disease, the immune system.

Why RO System Maintenance Is Necessary for Well Water?

Because it is not routinely analyzed, well water might harbour harmful bacteria and other toxins. Unfortunately, unlike municipal water, well water is not treated in any way.

Keeping your RO system in good working order guarantees your drinking water is safe for your loved ones. This is especially critical for places where residents rely on private wells for their household water supply. Avoiding health problems, including diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, and vomiting, is as easy as replacing your filters once a year.

Iron bacteria and coliform bacteria are common in well water and are often to blame for these symptoms.

Why RO System Service Is Necessary for City Water?

Unfortunately, your city can’t guarantee the safety and purity of your water supply. Lead and chromium-6contamination are pervasive issues. Therefore, you should maintain your RO system by Aquaguard RO service Palakkad to avoid potentially hazardous impurities and chemicals.

The following health issues have been linked to the pollutants detected in the water supply:

●     Harm to the Liver and the Kidneys

●     Defects in the Heart

●     Cancer

You don’t want your loved ones to deal with stress like that. Therefore, it is crucial to keep up with RO system maintenance and monitor for any indications that it may be malfunctioning.

How can I tell if my RO system needs servicing?

If your reverse osmosis system is constantly running, the water pressure is low, the water tastes or smells terrible, or both, you have a problem that requires fixing. These indicators should be obvious. Just keep in mind that the culprit could be your RO system.

Water Pressure Is Weak

It’s frustrating to wait too long for a glass of water because of low pressure. Inadequate RO system output could be the reason for your low water pressure.

This indicates that your filters fail to remove debris from the system as they should. You can compare it to the operation of a dryer if that helps. Your laundry will only dry if the lint filter is regularly cleaned. Similarly, if your water pressure is low, it’s probably time to swap out your RO membrane by Kent RO Service Kozhikode.

Bad Taste or Smell in Water

Different odours and flavors in your water all point to the same thing: a malfunctioning reverse osmosis system.

If you detect a chlorine odour in the water, the filters and membrane in your RO system need to be replaced. The membrane will be irreparably damaged if chlorine penetrates it. You can contact QuickFix Service to do this.

It’s also possible that your system is malfunctioning if the water has a metallic taste or smell or a rotten egg or musty aroma. Minerals like iron, copper, zinc, lead, and other scan cause your water to smell and taste metallic. Bacteria in your body are to blame for the musty odour. Unfortunately, they are both potential health hazards.

The RO System Never Stops Running

The constant hum of your reverse osmosis machine is the final warning sign that something is wrong. If this happens, it usually implies that your membrane is damaged and needs replacement. If your membrane is damaged, you can assume your filters are malfunctioning.

This is a glaring warning that your RO system requires immediate attention. The constant operation could hasten the onset of normal wear and tear and cause irreparable harm to the system.

How often should upkeep be performed when it comes to reverse osmosis systems?

A reverse osmosis system requires several filters. In addition, they all work to better your home’s water quality by filtering out specific contaminants.

You should change your system’s filters at least once every three to twelve months. There may be as many as five filters in a given system. Additionally, every year, you must disinfect your RO system.

As a result, at the very least, you should get your RO system serviced once a year by RO Water Purifier Service Kerala.


Now it’s clear that an RO purifier is very important and is required in every household. Hence it’s the owner’s duty that the RO water purifier be serviced regularly and popularly. QuickFix Service offers high-quality RO services. Contact them today for RO installation and maintenance purposes.

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