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To make strong and reliable products, machinists carefully choose the materials they use. That’s why machinists who need a high-quality thermoplastic turn to Delrin rod suppliers.

Its durability is one reason many machinists prefer Delrin plastic sheets. Not only is it ideal for automotive parts but also for kitchenware, consumer electronics, and more. Learn more about Delrin and its attributes below.

What is Delrin?

This polyoxymethylene or POM is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic used for engineering purposes. It’s also known as polyformaldehyde, acetal, and polyacetal. No matter what it’s called, the material is known for its outstanding strength and hardness characteristics, and it excels in dimensional stability and stiffness. 

Unique Attributes of Delrin

One unique attribute of Delrin is that it comes in an assortment of colors. While it’s intrinsically opaque, the colors make it less visible on finished projects. This thermoplastic has a density of 1.410-1.420 g/cm3 and rigidity of minus 40 degrees Celsius. 

Another thing is that its crystalline level ranges between 75 percent and 85 percent. Its melting point of 175 degrees Celsius makes it great for turning and milling applications. Although machinists can buy a Delrin sheet in Canada, suppliers also offer this material in extruded bar and granulated forms. 

For CNC machining, machinists can laser-cut sheets and bars of the material. In granulated form, this thermoplastic works great for plastic extrusion or injection molding.

Key Advantages of Delrin Plastic Sheets

Delrin works especially well for CNC machining. Below are some of the main benefits of this thermoplastic over other materials for this purpose.

  • Strength – When it comes to more challenging applications, machinists depend on CNC machining. With high strength and toughness, Delrin plastic sheets are a great choice of material.


  • Resistance to chemicals and moisture – This thermoplastic is chemical-resistant against substances like alcohols, gasoline, and solvents. It’s also moisture-resistant.


  • Machinability – Delrin has excellent dimensional stability. That means machinists can make precision cuts, even to tight tolerances.


  • Electrical InsulatorDelrin sheet suppliers recommend this material for a broad range of projects. However, with incredible electrical insulation properties, it’s perfect for machining consumer electronics.


  • Creep Resistance – The combination of creep resistance and fatigue endurance makes Delrin a preferred material for machining automotive parts and components.


  • Natural LubricityDelrin plastic sheets have a high level of natural lubricity, as well. Because of that, it’s ideal for low-friction applications.


A Few Considerations

Although Delrin has many benefits, there are a few limitations. First, since this material is resistant to chemicals, it’s difficult to bond or adhere. Machinists also need to maintain a safe temperature when working with Delrin. If it becomes too hot, deformation will likely occur.

Finally, workers should always have a Class A fire extinguisher nearby when working with Delrin plastic sheets and bars. Since this thermoplastic doesn’t self-extinguish, it’ll continue to burn until oxygen depletes.

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It doesn’t matter if you machine auto parts, consumer electronics, kitchenware, or other products. This thermoplastic material will yield the desired results. As one of the leading Delrin sheet and Delrin rod suppliers, our team is here to assist.

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