Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

If your practice is considering making the switch from traditional impressions to intraoral scanning, you are not alone. Over the past decade, intraoral scanners have become more affordable, expanding the benefit to more and more dental and dental specialist practices.

Intraoral scanners, which use light to capture digital scans instead of traditional media to capture a physical impression, eliminate the mess and discomfort as well as provide you with an immediate digital file for treatment planning.

Benefits of an Intraoral Scanner to the Practice
Using digital intraoral scanners can lead to vastly improved digital workflows for dental practices in a number of ways:

● Faster treatments: Digital impressions from intraoral scanners allow you and your staff to treat more patients in less time. Exportable digital scans may be instantly sent to a dental or orthodontic lab, or shared with a 3D printer or milling machine for faster restorations and other output. The end result is often a quicker turnaround time for both you and your patients.

● Enhanced practice efficiency: Improve your practice workflows with digital impressions. No more preparing, mixing and taking traditional impressions, waiting for them to set, cleaning up the mess and disinfecting the impression trays and other components. Intraoral scanners save time for both your staff and your patients.

● Improved communication: Intraoral scanners provide an immediate, exportable digital scan, which is easy to review with patients as well as referring doctors. This expedites communication to improve your treatment planning and overall patient experience.

● Less storage: Unlike traditional molds, digital files don’t require any physical storage space in your practice. Dentists using intraoral scanners can utilize this practice space for more productive and profitable tasks instead. Additionally, intraoral scanners do not create any hazardous waste, which is good for your practice and great for the environment.

Benefits to the Patient
Taking digital impressions using intraoral scanning technology doesn’t only benefit the practice. It also benefits the patient in the following ways:

● Time savings: Intraoral scanners cimprove workflow and cut back on patient “chair time.” Most intraoral scanners in the market today can capture a full arch scan in about a minute.

● Non-invasive: Compared to traditional dental impressions, intraoral scanners are far less invasive, designed to be more comfortable with a small tip wand to scan inside your patient’s mouth.

● Improved trust: Patients can view their digital scan immediately, chairside. This can lead to enhanced patient trust, improved patient referrals, and more favorable treatment completion rates.

● Accurate scans: Intraoral scanners can capture minute surface details in great detail, enabling more accurate planning for implants and other treatments, minimizing the need for retakes (with traditional impressions) or follow-up treatments to fix errors.

Consider Certified Pre-Owned Intraoral Scanners from Renew Digital
Time-efficient, accurate, and less invasive, intraoral scanners offer significant benefits to both dental professionals and their patients. Plus, when you invest in a certified pre-owned IOS from Renew Digital, you can save anywhere from 30% to 50% off the price of new.

Renew Digital offers a wide range of scanners from leading brands including Medit and some of their certified pre-owned scanners require no monthly subscription or support fees. Units like the Medit i500 IOS also come with a laptop, training, an extensive warranty, and unlimited support.

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