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perennial ryegrass seeds

Ryegrass seeds are used worldwide for overseeding professional sports fields and golf courses. They are primarily used in areas prone to drought and other harsh weather conditions. The ryegrass seeds can be annual or perennial. Annual and perennial ryegrass seeds can be used as permanent turfgrass worldwide because of their properties. However, the perennial ryegrass offers more advantages than the annual ryegrass.

Differences Between Perennial and Annual Ryegrass

Annual and perennial ryegrass have similar properties, as they both belong to the ryegrass species. However, they have key qualities that make them different. Here are some features that make them different.

  • Colour And Texture
  • Growth Height
  • Vernation

Colour And Texture

Both varieties are fairly bright colored, but the turf-type perennial ryegrass is usually slightly darker. It also has a finer texture than the annual ryegrass, which has a coarse feel.

Growth Height

The perennial and annual ryegrass also vary in height. The perennial ryegrass grows up to one foot, growing in bunch-like patterns. On the other hand, the annual may only reach about six inches and grow in a bunch-like pattern.


Unlike the folded vernation found in the perennial ryegrass, the annual ryegrass has a rolled vernation. This implies that the bud of the perennial ryegrass blades expands through folded shoots.

The Benefits of Perennial Ryegrass Seed Over Annual Ryegrass Seed

Although both ryegrass varieties are fantastic for overseeing professional sports fields and golf courses, the perennial ryegrass seed has more advantages. The benefits of using perennial ryegrass seeds of annual ryegrass seeds include:

  • Disease Tolerance
  • Heat Tolerance
  • Lifecycle

Disease Tolerance

One advantage the perennial ryegrass blend has over the annual ryegrass is it’s disease tolerance. The perennial ryegrass has more disease tolerance than the annual ryegrass, making it a better choice, especially in disease-prone areas.

Heat Tolerance

Both the perennial and annual ryegrass have fair heat resistance. However, some studies show that perennial ryegrass has better heat resistance. This implies that perennial ryegrass seed will thrive better in warm weather than the annual ryegrass seed.


Another reason to choose the perennial ryegrass over the annual ryegrass is their lifecycle. The annual ryegrass lives for a single season, while the perennial ryegrass lives for multiple seasons. This implies that one would have to keep replanting and nurturing the annual ryegrass if that is their preferred variety. This can be a hassle and is also pretty inconvenient.

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