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In an industry as old and established as the one for commercial plumbing fixtures, you might be tempted to think that one is as good as any other.

This is not the case. Industry suppliers continuously define themselves through experience, customer service, and most importantly, technological innovations.

Advances in touchless technology; remote monitoring and management; improved sanitation protocols – these are some of the things that define commercial plumbing fixtures and the manufacturers that envision them.

So, if you’re here to learn more about Chicago Commercial Faucets, here’s a little bit you need to know about why this player is key in the industry.

1. They offer touchless faucets.
Like many other contenders in this sphere, Chicago Commercial Faucets offers a touchless line. They offer a wide range of options with full programmability.

In many settings, touchless is the way of the future – but not because it is futuristic. It is utilitarian and practical.

Touchless plumbing fixtures help eliminate water loss, streamline and improve maintenance protocols, slash costs, protect against wet floor hazards, and perhaps most importantly, improve sanitation by cutting back on splashing.

2. Chicago Commercial Facets offers metered faucets.
Not all settings are open to the prospect of fully touchless faucets. Savvy manufacturers are tuned into this. That’s why some of them, like Chicago Faucets, offer metered faucets instead.

Metered faucets offer a good middle ground between fully touchless and manual-only. While they still have moving parts that need to be manually activated, they also shut off after a short period of time. This helps minimize both splashing and water loss.

Plus, since Chicago’s metered faucet parts are largely interchangeable, repairs and maintenance are a breeze.

3. Durability has always defined the brand.
Chicago faucets, like many of the plumbing fixtures designed and destined for the public sphere, are figuratively and literally tough as nails. Not all faucets are kitchen faucets!

They are designed for high-use environments in areas with commensurately high traffic and can tolerate a fair degree of abuse as well. An investment in Chicago Commercial Faucets is an investment in the long run.

4. The company offers specialty fittings.
Not every commercial setting is concerned with handwashing and drying stations. Some are more concerned with industrial fittings.

Chicago Faucets is one of the few commercial suppliers that also produces laboratory fittings for faucets. Fittings used to dispense liquids and gases must be highly reliable, accurate, and most importantly, safe – this is exactly what Chicago Commercial Faucets delivers.

5. The company offers a wide range of lines with different aesthetics.
A commercial partner that can only deliver you so many offerings in terms of aesthetics has limited value and viability. That’s why the proliferation of Chicago Faucets makes such a difference.

They offer a wide range of different commercial plumbing fittings with different aesthetics that are perfect in as many settings as there are different designs. Some are built for rugged use, others for looks, and some for both. Few other commercial plumbing fixture manufacturers can say the same.

6. Chicago Faucets pioneers innovation.
Chicago Commercial Faucets has consistently, repeatedly led the industry in technological innovation.

For instance, the company pioneered the industry with its development of auto drain showerheads that completely drain the pipe between the main supply and the showerhead after use. This helps prevent standing water that can become a breeding ground for pathogens such as Legionella.

That sort of innovation is just the sort of thing you can expect from Chicago Faucets.

For Quality and Experience in the Industry, Choose Chicago Commercial Faucets
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