Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

Few brands out there cover as much ground in the plumbing industry as Bradley. The company recently celebrated its 100th anniversary since its famed “wash fountain” breakthrough that positioned its name in the plumbing industry, making Bradley bathroom products known throughout the world.

Many big companies and brands today routinely install and display Bradley bathroom products, both for their employees and customers.

Huge industrial complexes from the Coca-Cola family not only trust Bradley lavatory systems. They also install Bradley emergency equipment, such as eyewashes and drench showers. These help increase safety for workers in the production environment, especially when manipulating unrefined chemical compounds. Bradley´s holistic contaminant relief measures and systems have set new industry standards, and the company even offers assistance for companies wishing to comply with the ever more stringent ANSI annual inspection requirements.

Eyewash stations are designed to spray water directly into the eyes of the users at 0.4 gallons per minute. This makes these eyewashers potent enough to quickly remove any harmful substances from the eyes and face, but also gentle enough for continuous use. Their design is also extremely efficient and sturdy. They use industrial-grade components, but parts that are more prone to wear can be removed and replaced with ease. Vital components such as sprayheads handles and spray ring assemblies can be removed and replaced by qualified plumbers without a problem. There are online stores that offer fresh supplies of Bradley bathroom products and repair parts such as Quality Plumbing Supply.

But Bradly bathroom products are also used in other more customer-friendly environments due to their innovative features and modern designs.

Bradley lavatory systems have seen extensive use in health and educational institutions. Their easy to clean and cast-formed lavatory surfaces make them ideal for reducing germ transmission. The John Hopkins Medical Center trusts Bradley´s designs and appreciates the efficiency of their plumbing parts. Regular maintenance has been easier and less onerous thanks to how easy it is to find Bradley bathroom products and repair part kits.

The same goes for educational centers such as the Qatar University which offers their students and professoriate high-quality sanitary infrastructure that is easy to maintain while retaining the appropriate dignity of the institution.

But Bradly bathroom products have proven to be able to withstand high-traffic environments. The Disney corporation has installed Bradley products in several of its locations around the world. The multinational coffeehouse Starbucks also trusts the brand´s commitment to quality and the availability of its American-made products.

With more than 100 years of experience, Bradley has shown they have unparalleled knowledge in the plumbing industry. They have always shown an impressive instinct that allows them to understand the needs of each industry and design plumbing products aimed at solving their particular problems. Over the years, they have also expanded their manufacturing capacity to make sure they meet the demand for their products, making them one of the most reliable brands, and making sure plumbers in America can always find Bradley repair parts with ease.

When you install Bradley bathroom products, you can rest assured you will always find high-quality parts for decades to come.

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