Tue. Jan 31st, 2023
pre owned car inspection dubai

Cars need oil for smooth operation but not any oil will serve the purpose. Contemporary vehicles are fitted with engines with exacting standards and they use oil which is specific to the demands set by automakers. This will ensure long life for the engine and not abiding to those standards and using any other oil than specified will null the new car’s warranty. Current models of automobile brands require full-synthetic or synthetic blended, low viscosity, resource conserving and multi grade oils to minimize friction and increase fuel economy. Before changing oil owners should consult the user manual for the vehicle for any unique requirements and the car oil change Dubai auto repair shop will be able to provide you with more information and also find the type of oil which should be used to your specific engine or car.

Oil changing schedule may vary with the age of vehicle. Driving conditions and the type of oil used in the engine. Normally it used to be after every 3,000 miles but advanced technology processed engine oil is able to give intervals of 5,000 to 7,500 miles. If your car is of specific nature and use fully synthetic motor oil then it may need oil change only after 15,000 miles. However parameters like color of the oil will not determine its quality and usability. And you should follow the oil change schedule according to the factory supplied maintenance instructions. 

Old car oil change intervals

Oil change for old cars is based on mileage and 2 maintenance schedules are followed namely 

  1. Cars driven under normal operation
  2. Cars drive under extreme conditions 

Extreme conditions may include

  • Short trips of 5 miles or less
  • Extreme cold or hot conditions or dusty environment
  • Constant stop-and-go car driving 
  • Towing a trailer or carrying heavy loads

New car oil change schedules 

Latest model automobiles are fitted with oil-life monitoring system which keeps you informed about oil changes. When your car engine needs oil change, it will be flashed on the control panel. Earlier symptoms were based on mileage and time but latest technology detects oil degradation by analyzing the actual driving conditions.  It is required to reset the oil-life monitoring system every time you change oil by a technician or by self.

If you are buying or selling old cars you should get an inspection done by Pre owned car inspection Dubai to obtain accurate value of the car in terms of money. The inspection will provide you with accurate car worth, enable you to negotiate better. Saves you from immediate future repairs, lessen maintenance expenses, and enable you to make an informed purchase.

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