Tue. Jan 31st, 2023
medical packaging solutions

Medical product packaging can be a complicated situation. All of the same packaging constraints are present. You, as a company, want to invest in packaging that is good quality without breaking the budget. You will want to create medical packaging that gets your products safely to customers in one piece.

However, all of these safety constraints are magnified when it comes to medical product packaging. This is because medical products need to be kept in more than one piece. They need to be kept in the very best condition in order to keep people safe. When it comes to medical packaging, you need to know that you are getting the very best.

Special Considerations for Medical Device Packaging 

  1. Security

Consideration number one has got to be all about product security. That is to say, first and foremost keeping your medical device safe! This is the very first hurdle to cross when it comes to medical packaging solutions. As mentioned above, you want to go above and beyond when it comes to medical product packaging security. Especially so because medical devices can be extra fragile.

To keep your medical devices safe and sound, you may want to consider investing in custom design and protective features. For example, here at Coleman Containers, we can provide multi-layer packs. These multi-layer packs can provide special protective features, such as: G force protection, theft protection and even vibration protection. These extra protective features can help add an extra layer of security for your precious medical devices.

  1. Sterility

Secondly, medical packaging needs to be able to keep your medical devices sterile. Keeping medical devices sterile is of utmost importance. This is because medical devices need to be safe to use in medical settings, and with patients. This calls for devices to be kept in sterile conditions. You may also need to invest in packaging that can handle any particular sterilization methods that will be used on it.

Part of this sterilization proofing, may involve investing in special barriers in medical product packaging. This could mean investing in medical product packaging that can protect against contaminants such as microbes, acids, or even oxygen.

The key is knowing what your medical device needs, and what your customers will require. Once you know all this, you can tailor make your packaging to fit those specifications.

  1. Lastly, you may very well want to take sustainability into consideration. Yes, it may not be the very first thing you have in mind when you think of “medical device packaging”. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not important! Sustainability is pretty applicable to medical packaging, because medical product packaging can inadvertently create a lot of excess waste! So, it can be helpful to try to make sustainability focused choices where appropriate.

Medical Device Packaging with Coleman Containers

At Coleman Containers, we offer a great variety of medical packaging solutions for you to choose from. We design and prototype for each piece of equipment, so that you can get a great custom design.  Coleman Containers also offer multiple great features such as protective foams, and heavy-duty corrugated packaging.

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