Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

It would be great if your air compressor could work more effectively, and all of your pneumatic tools lasted for many more years. How much money could you save on maintenance, repairs, and energy bills if you did that? Compressed air dryers can make this fantasy a reality.

Water vapor is present throughout the atmosphere. When you think of the atmosphere, think of it as a large, somewhat moist, sponge. Water that has been absorbed by the sponge will leak out of it if we squeeze hard enough.

When the air is compressed, the concentration of water in the air will rise as well. Preventing future issues in the compressed air system requires treating moist air. This is accomplished through the use of drying equipment.

Using a compressed air dryer decreases the amount of wear and tear on your compressed air system and equipment because it removes impurities like water, which may cause rust and corrosion.

Compressed air dryers are an excellent long-term investment for any business that relies on its air compressor to do its job regularly. Portable compressed air dryers have the added benefit of being lightweight and compact, making them an ideal choice for minor operations requiring dry air.

Why use Portable Compressed Air Dryers?

Ensuring the security of the process
A compressed air systems interior construction and its pipes can both be corroded and damaged by using untreated air. An eventual system failure might cost you money and precious working time in the process. If you have a compressed air dryer on the back of a pickup truck or wagon, it will assist to maintain your system functioning smoothly and ensure that your operation is safe and dependable for the long term.

A finished product of exceptional excellence
Make sure your final product is of the best possible quality, no matter what you’re using it for. Business losses can be substantial when products are ruined by air with water vapor. To ensure that the air used in the process is clean and dry, portable compressed air dryers have been devised.

Blast Pak for Blasting and Painting
Deliquescent drying may be accomplished with the convenience of the Blast Pak, a pre-assembled and welded forklift skid-mounted drying equipment that features an integrated single tower. A truck or trailer is all that is needed to lift and transport these devices around a factory or workplace.

Mobile blasting contractors will find the Blast Pak to be an excellent tool. Blowing with damp compressed air clogs up the blasting pot and degrades the blasted substrate’s quality. Rust develops as a result of the dampness and demands expensive rework.

The Blast Pak initially cools the hot and moist air emitted from the compressor using an inbuilt aftercooler. Condensation of absorbed moisture occurs as the temperature drops. Although the air is still laden with vapor after escaping the aftercooler (100 percent relative humidity). The deliquescent dryer will address the water vapor taking it down to 55% Relative Humidity.

No electricity is required for the Blast Pak’s plug-n-play architecture. Longer vessel life is ensured by the use of a two-step interior and external paint application process. The Blast Pak’s aftercooler assembly is detachable, allowing for easy repair or replacement of the unit. Transportability is ensured by lifting lugs and a steel forklift skid as well as tie-downs for transporting items safely and securely.

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