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root canal treatment

Teeth are one such organ in the body that is a part of both the skeletal system and the digestive system. The skeletal system as it lends a particular framework to the structure of the face and the digestive system because it facilitates the process of digestion by initiating the process of mastication. The teeth are made up of building material that we know as calcium and which is obtained through seafood, supplements and milk-based items.

The function of brushing is important because when human beings are resting, the mouth generally tends to open up, during the process of sleeping or resting the breakdown of food is happening and the detoxification of material accumulated in the body is happening which tends to attract a lot of microorganisms into the gut lining but if there is the residue of food left in between our teeth then the micro-organisms tend to get attracted to the dental structure and begin to break down the material causing the corrosion of the dental enamel.

which is why dentists have been often advising people to brush twice a day to retain the enamel structure of a dental tooth because only by the process of brushing do we tend to brush out all the accumulated debris which can affect the teeth.

In the case of a root canal the damage has happened over a course of time and the infection of the cavities has reached the inner tooth lining or what we know as the dental roots this can also result in a swelling or an abscessed tooth which can be painful.

The reason for the spread of this kind of injection is first and foremost too much sugary intake of foods.

A very popular dentist in Ludhiana explains this with the help of an example “ Let us take two examples a fruit and a piece of meat that is left exposed in the normal room conditions the one that tends to spoil soon is the piece of fruit because the fruit contains a sugar known as fructose whereas salt contains molecules of NaCl that act as a preservative.

Similarly, too much intake of sugary foods tends to attract a lot of microorganisms because sugar tends to rot sooner and the microorganisms tend to break down the dental enamel of the teeth. The other symptoms that tend to indicate the possibility of a root canal are when the toothache doesn’t go away easily, and also when the teeth become hyper-sensitive to foods like hot and cold food.


As per a very well-known doctor of the dental fraternity who has performed end number of dental implant surgeries in Punjab “ A root canal is when the structure of the tooth is opened and the infection is completely removed from the root canal of the teeth and then the teeth are sealed utilizing plaster without affecting the outer structure of the teeth. A root canal is very different from that of a dental implant because, in the case of a dental implant, the tooth is completely removed and replaced whereas in a RCT treatment, it is treated and the outer structure is retained.

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