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Perhaps you’ve been invited to a Mormon wedding or are planning one but not been. One of your most likely questions is “How are Mormon wedding receptions like?” I’ll be the first one to admit that I was a bit confused when I attended the first Mormon wedding!


Our Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or “Mormons,” as many people refer to us, are weddings in the Temple as well as “The House of the Lord,” which is a beautiful and holy location. The ceremonies that occur in these temples are intimate and sacred. As such I’m not able to give all the details. But, in order to help readers gain a better understanding of religion I will go over the basic aspects.

What Happens At A Wedding For “Mormons”?


As Christians believe that the union between a man and woman is not meant only to last for the duration of this lifetime here on Earth, but throughout time. We are married in the manner of a civil ceremony, as everyone else, however, we also get “sealed.”


In a different way We are united in union on earth as well as in heaven. We are now hearing “for time and all eternity,” instead of “till death do you part.” As a married couple we vow to cherish our marriage and respect our Lord in our wedding in the same way as we make commitments to each other.


It is not permitted to capture photos or videos of the LDS wedding ceremony as it is an incredibly sacred and memorable moment for the newlyweds.

Who Is Eligible To Attend A Mormon Wedding?

The seal is accessible to everyone in the family and friends that have a special “temple recommend.” The temple recommendation proves to church officials that you have abided by your commitments toward the Lord and that you are able to be admitted into the Lord’s Holy House.


If you don’t belong to a church or don’t have a temple that is recommended may or sit at the front of Temple or take a seat in the waiting room to greet the newlyweds when they arrive out of the building! Nothing enthuses newlyweds more than walking into the Temple and seeing loved family members cheering you on and showing their love for you even if they are not able to go in.

So That No One Who Doesn’t Attend Church Can Witness Your Wedding?

Unfortunately, they won’t be able to witness your being united in the event that they are not members. It is a blessing that the majority of couples opt to conduct a ring-ceremony out of Temple for loved ones who were not able to be present at the ceremony.


A ring ceremony can be like traditional weddings in that the bridesmaids and groomsmen stroll down the aisle to exchange vows and rings, and then they kiss to seal the ceremony! The entire group will be having a fantastic time as a part of the ceremony!

Is There A Reception At A Mormon Wedding?

Everybody enjoys good parties! After the wedding ceremony receptions are the norm! Most Latter-Day Saint weddings, on the contrary , can be described as “dry” because we do not drink alcohol.


You are sure there will be lots of fun and joy and dance parties where everyone can showcase their moves, and amazing music. If the groom and bride want to for everything from the cutting of the cake to the garter toss can be carried out.


The idea of a “normal” wedding is very like the Latter-Day Saint wedding. Since this life isn’t enough, we must take the next step, which is to be forever enshrined in the eternal love of our lives! Couples endure for a lifetime to experience this momentous occasion to finally be married to your beloved is something no one will ever be able to replicate.

How Long Does A Mormon Marriage Last?

The majority of the weddings I’ve attended last longer than the couple had promised. The majority of them last around an hour.

Here Are Some Tips For Going To A Mormon Wedding:

It is possible to wait in or outside the Temple when you have a LDS Wedding invitation. In the summer months, it is said that the LDS Temple in Fort Collins, Colorado, gets very hot. Bring an ice-cold bottle and be ready to deal with the temperatures.


  • If you’re a wedding guest or a photographer, you’re not allowed to photograph in the Temple.
  • The moment when the couple walks out of their Temple doors after having been sealed is the most dramatic moment to the crowd. When the couple is seen at the Temple, everyone screams!
  • It is expected that pictures will be taken outside of the chapel. The majority of times this is the place where the wedding party as well as family members and a few of the romantics will take pictures.
  • I recommend adhering to their rules when you are planning visiting Temple Temple as well as the surrounding areas that surround the Temple. The bride should wear a dress that has sleeves (capped sleeves are fine) and I attempt to show respect by wearing a sleeve over my shoulders. Try to wear the dress with a high neckline, and keep the neckline in your thoughts
  • Being able to go to weddings that are a mix of religions and traditions is one of my most favorite things about my job. It has totally changed my perception of weddings and love. To better understand the fact that there isn’t a universally-fit-all wedding, I believe it’s important to share this information and the diversity of weddings with other people.
  • Although there might be some celebration, a part of it is personal and meaningful. And it isn’t shared with the rest of the world and that is the reason Mormon weddings are important to me. Instead, it’s based around their commitment to one another and is grounded in their religious beliefs.


For a better understanding of what a Mormon wedding will look like, have an in-depth look at the wedding I shot in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Fort Collins, Colorado. You’re in the right place if searching for a Colorado photographer who previously had a job in Fort Collins’ LDS Temple in Fort Collins Contact me for more information about your wedding!


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