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Every vehicle over three years old must legally pass an annual MOT test and receive an MOT certificate to drive on UK roads. But what exactly is going on?

Many automobile owners find the MOT test procedure to be extremely perplexing. Every year, you must leave your car at a garage or testing facility, wait, and cross your fingers that you won’t have to pay a hefty repair fee. Thus, it is rarely something to expect.

But it’s crucial to comprehend MOTs when it comes to purchasing, selling, transferring ownership, and securely operating your automobile.

A driving ban, fine, and extra points on your license might result from not having a current certificate. Additionally, it has a significant influence on the cost when you purchase or sell a car.

Mot test: Explained

The Ministry of Transport, the government agency in charge of roads at the time the term was first used in 1960, is what the acronym MOT truly stands for.

An MOT test was formerly only necessary when an automobile turned 10 years old. That has significantly decreased since 1960, and the list of inspections has grown over time as well.

An MOT is thus performed to inspect a vehicle’s safety, roadworthiness, as well as exhaust emissions before you operate it on UK roads. It includes all types of vehicles, from the smallest trucks to little motorbikes under 200cc. It was however created to assist in preventing you from using a vehicle that has a potentially hazardous flaw.

By the end of the year, more than a million vehicles will be however tagged as “hazardous” due to the government’s introduction of stricter new MOT test regulations in May 2018. The exams aren’t becoming any simpler.

The Driving and Vehicle Criteria Authority’s basic standards are thus checked in some ways during the MOT Swadlincote test on various components of your vehicle.

Checking your registration plate (number plate) is secure, readable, and in the appropriate format are two of these. The other is making that the vehicle identification number (VIN) is present and legible.

The MOT test also involves examinations of 

· Steering and suspension

· Lights

· Horn

· Windscreen

· Wipers and Washer Bottle

· Fuel System

· Seatbelts

· Seats

· Emissions

· Bodywork

· Mirrors

· Brakes

· Doors

· Wheels and tyres

Before putting your automobile in for its MOT inspection, you may quickly and easily check many of these components yourself. As a result, you won’t be hence required to pay for further testing or repairs only because you had a broken light bulb or a windshield washer bottle.

Replacement of a damaged or missing MOT test certificate

You must own a valid, current MOT certificate. Thus, it’s a good idea to replace your documents as quickly as possible if they get lost, stolen, or damaged.

A new MOT Test Certificate is available from any MOT test center. Consequently, there is no need for you to return to the MOT location.

You can get a new document from them if you provide them with the V5C logbook reference number and the vehicle registration information. Depending on which is less, it might cost £10 or half the entire MOT test costs.

Despite being able to view a car’s past and present MOT status online, ordering a new MOT certificate is sadly not an option.

Do you require an MOT to obtain auto insurance?

You must have a current MOT to legally drive and insure your vehicle for usage on the road. However, getting auto insurance or being eligible for compensation in the case of a theft or accident is not always a need.

An automobile that has been already designated SORN and is thereby kept off the public roadway may require insurance. Or you might require protection to go to the MOT test itself.

For whatever other cause, your insurer may deem your insurance void if you are operating a vehicle without a current MOT. However, the insurance provider and their policy paperwork are what matter.

The Financial Ombudsman has occasionally raised objections to this when an insurance company has denied compensation due to a car’s lack of an MOT even though the condition of the vehicle did not influence the accident.

However, if you do file an insurance claim for a vehicle without a current MOT, you should anticipate that the compensation will be thus reduced to the much lower value of a vehicle that has not had an MOT.

What is the cost of an MOT?

There is no minimum charge for an MOT test, however, the DVSA has set the maximum cost for a car at £54.85. Additionally, the DVSA has established a minimum test time of 45 minutes, so it shouldn’t be shorter than that.

Looking around, though, may help you find better prices because garages want to entice you to bring your vehicle in for a cheap MOT to increase your chances of obtaining repeat business.

It makes sense to shop for the cheapest package if your automobile is fault-free. However, if you believe your vehicle requires extensive repairs, may be wiser in the long run to choose a garage you can rely on to do the job.

Is it possible to sell a car without a valid MOT?

Yes, you may sell a car without a current MOT certificate, is the straightforward response. There are certain drawbacks, though.

It cannot be lawfully tested and driven by any prospective automobile buyer on the road. This may delay the sale and removal may because it must be thereby transported away on a trailer or truck.

Selling a car without an MOT will result in fewer possible customers and a potentially much lower sale price than if you had a legitimate test certificate.

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