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Although the distinction between a service and an MOT may seem quite obvious to some, many people are unaware of its most important features. There are many misunderstandings about what it implies to have an MOT or service performed on your automobile, in addition to the confusion between an MOT and a service and vice versa. The significance of car maintenance and the viability of your coverage without a Mot Loughborough will be discussed in this article.

An MOT is a yearly check-up of your car which is legally compulsory. It adheres to a stringent set of requirements outlined by the DVSA.

This establishes if your car is safe to drive and suitable for its intended use.

The MOT test itself won’t contain any fixes or replacement parts, but your car may need additional work to pass it.

If your vehicle is older than three years, you are required by law to obtain auto insurance and a yearly MOT test.

Although the test guarantees that the car is secure for driving for a full year after testing, it does not imply that the car is operating as efficiently as it could.

Car Service

Both an MOT and a service include tests on your brakes, seat belts, and tyres, making them quite comparable in certain aspects. To keep your automobile running smoothly, a service is more comprehensive and includes the repair or upkeep of specific parts, like the engine oil. Spark plugs, air filters, and fuel filters can also be replaced to further enhance a vehicle’s efficiency.

A car service is an inspection of your vehicle conducted in accordance with regulations established by the manufacturer, not the DVSA.

Depending on the garage you are taking your vehicle to, the scope of the service may vary, but the key distinction from an MOT is that the checks will be far more in-depth and will concentrate on making your car work as efficiently as possible.

How does it differ then?

Simply put, an MOT verifies that your car is safe to drive and complies with DVSA minimal safety standards. Even while your automobile may not be functioning at its optimum when it passes an MOT, it is still safe to drive.

The service’s goal is to get the car in the greatest condition possible to increase its lifespan.

Services are not required, but driving without one could lead to breakdowns or damage to critical components.

Driving without an MOT, is that possible?

If your car is older than three years, it is legally required to have an MOT once a year; however, your MOT center is not required to tell you when the following test is. As a result, it is suggested that you set a reminder.

Another piece of advice is to schedule your test ahead of time rather than waiting until the MOT is scheduled to expire. If your automobile breaks down, you will need to get by without a car while it is being repaired or retested.

The optimal time to schedule an MOT test is one month before the test’s due date because the previous certificate can be dated from that date. This indicates that you won’t miss any of the year’s valid days.

Without an MOT, is your auto insurance still valid?

The car insurance would be void without a recent MOT. Driving without one puts you at the risk of a fine of £1,000 fine and up to eight penalty points on your license.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that you will be responsible for the costs if you have an accident without a current MOT certificate. More money will probably be spent on this claim than on the MOT test you failed.

Also, if you are found guilty of operating a vehicle without a valid certificate, the insurance rates may increase when it comes time to renew.

Why Should You Get a Service and an MOT?

The justification for getting an MOT is fairly straightforward: having an up-to-date MOT certificate for the vehicle is required by law. Driving a car without an MOT is not only against the law, but it will also void your insurance.

Is a Vehicle Service Required by Law?

Although having a service is not required by law, having it on a regular basis is very important for the following reasons:

Safety: With time, wear and tear accumulate, so the fact that your car seems OK doesn’t indicate everything is fine. Regular maintenance can reveal hidden problems and give you confidence that your car is now secure and fit for the road.

Improved resale value: When you decide to sell your car, showing proof of regular maintenance by providing a complete service history is likely to draw in more buyers who are ready to shell out more for a well-kept vehicle. Get a Full Car Service Loughborough.

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