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Want to get the complete information on the web analysis? For the data-driven marketer and the web analysis analytic, these are the statements to live by; without the data, you are the same as the other person with opinion only. 

Optimization is not about the educated hunches and guesses, no matter how many years you have been in this industry. 

It is all about research, asking questions, using clues in problem-solving works, and paying attention to the signs that appear while operating the business tasks. 

In between all of this, web analytics is the big part. It helps to keep the optimizers separate from the other person with the opinion. In this article, we are going to tell you about the ways in which web analytics are used to find business growth. 

  • Questions that must have the answers

Before diving into the whole process, you must look at the following questions that need answers. For example

  • Is anyone using the print buttons or the text size?
  • Are there any browsers or broker devices?
  • Which type of promotions are most effective
  • Are there any error messages? 
  • Does the user use the search while browsing?
  • Are there any leaks in the funnel? If any, then where? 
  • How are the items removed from the cart?
  • And many more

Asking this type of intelligent question is considered an essential skill. This way, you can better determine how your business website works for your customers. 

  • Schedule the health check of the Google Analytics 

The health check aims to help you to answer the following questions. 

  • Are you collecting all the required data?
  • Is the collected data trusted to use?
  • Is anything incorrect with the broken tracking and the reporting data? 

Here is the need to look into the following points

  • Have you configured the default and custom channel groupings?
  • Is the search for the internal site set up and working correctly?
  • Do you have your working views and the virgin views configured properly?

  • Remember that the context is king.

Is the bounce rate a useless indicator? No, it is not. You must stay hyper aware of the context used all the time. Use the same important mindset when looking at click-through and conversion rates. 

Make sure that nothing is unusual with your website. If there is anything unusual with your site, then there are no good conversion rates, no bounce rates, and no good page values. There are no alternatives in this case, and the best strength of an analyst is the humble, curious, and inquisitive mind. 

Consider the following way to understand this section more. 

  • Start with the highest value.

There are the two highest value places which you are looking at. The two highest values are the high-volume, low-value pages and the low-volume, high values pages. 

This navigation information is awesome for your website. You can use web analytics to find where the people are going when they leave the key, and what is missing is indicated on your web pages. 

  • Quality assurance of the web analytics

Website quality assurance is essential. Flows and the pages of the website that are technically broken are considered conversion killers. Cross-devices issues and cross browsers are low-hanging fruits for optimizers. 

  • Broken Links 

Unfortunately, when the visitors try to locate the information by clicking on the link, they are met with a 404 error. The users are going to be frustrated by this development. It’s caused by friction. It is recommended that a problem check be performed as quickly as possible, and that any broken links be repaired. 

  • Site speed

If the website’s slow speed, it will kill the conversion of the customers. Simply, if you do not want to lose money in noticeable quantities, then keep your eye on the loading times of your web pages

  • The Funnel

You can use the conversion reports in web analytics to determine which type of funnel parts are leaking the money. This will move you towards where you need to put the focus more and point you in the right direction for web analytics. 

  • Internal search 

If you allow the users to visit your site but cannot see how they are using your website, how much they are engaged with it, what they are searching for, etc., then you leave all the money on the table. For this, some questions are worth exploring, such as where the people start a search, whether the user is satisfied, how the group of different users reached your site, etc. 

The internal search report is basic, but with a little research, a site can better search and tell you what people are looking for and whether your site helps them effectively or not. 

  • Web analytics segmentation

Advanced segments and their convenient secondary dimensions help you to dice and slice your data into the informative group of visitors that are easily analyzed depending upon their behaviors. 

The segmentation aims to take the entire website population and break them into smaller and more meaningful groups of people to analyze. You may find low conversion rates with the segmentation because most visitors have already purchased from you. 

On the other hand, if you exclude the visitors from the segment, the conversion rate is much higher. So, in simple words, segmentation is how you can find the issues. 

  • Use of the custom reports

It is suggested to combine the custom reports with the web analytics analysis. So, do not only stick to the thinking that you are limited to using the default reports that Google Analytics supplies. 



The question indeed leads to more questions, but if you ask the question from the intelligent ones, it will lead to insights into the problem area and give you smarter solutions. 

This is all done more easily with the help of a web analytics agency. If you also want to find your business growth, you must follow all the above points of web analysis.

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Swati Sharma, writer by day and an avid reader by night. Owing to her passion for her profession, she loves to stay updated about the current & emerging trends in the digital marketing and IT industry.

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