Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

It is amazing how sanitary technology seems to work the same almost anywhere you go, with a few exceptions, of course. There are two reasons restrooms around the world all look the same: you don’t want visitors to have to figure out what they have to do when they visit your installations. Restrooms should all be kind of intuitive so visitors can get to business as soon as they come in without you having to provide instructions every time someone new decides to step in.

The second reason is even more important: you need standardized fixtures. If you install something too exotic in your washing rooms, you will eventually have problems finding the right people to fix them or give them maintenance. Moreover, you need to be sure you always have access to the necessary commercial flush valve parts in case something needs to be replaced.

Flushometers are among the most common fixtures found in almost every bathroom given their ease of use, durability, and ability to reduce water consumption. The fact that flushometers do not usually require a dedicated external cistern that needs to be filled up to provide enough water for a flush, but instead works with the water pressure of your internal pipework, makes them ideal for continuous use in high traffic areas.

Urinals use flush valves with an internal timing mechanism that allows the fixture to perform a complete flush and be ready for the next use in a matter of seconds. The handle controls a relief valve that frees water stored in the upper chamber. When the chamber is open, the water comes down the pipeline and into the bowl. At the same time, the pressure in the upper chamber drops, which in turn makes the water from the lower chamber flood it. When water pressure in both chambers is equal, the valve is pushed down again so it is ready for the next flush.

The most common commercial flush valve parts for urinals are the diaphragm kits, the handles, the vacuum breakers, and small pieces like o-rings and seal kits. Of course, if you have the right supplier, like Quality Plumbing Supply, you can even find flushometer body parts and tools.

It is always important to always install the right rubber diaphragm for your valve. If it’s the wrong size or capacity, your upper valve might not get properly filled or you will experience continuous flushing, which will cause a drastic increase in water bills and needed repairs.

For venues with touchless urinals or toilets, electronic flushometers can be mounted on the wall right above the fixture so it detects when a urinal is being used. Depending on the brand, electronic commercial flushometer parts can be more reliable than their mechanical counterparts as they usually withstand less abuse and wear. They can also be automated so they provide automatic “janitorial flushes” every 8-12 hours to prevent bacteria buildup and unpleasant odors. Moreover, they contribute to your water savings efforts, reducing water consumption by up to 30%.

The most common sensor parts are sensors, solenoids, and power supply accessories for batteries or direct current kits.

If you want to find the best commercial flush valve parts for your venue or operation, you should visit Quality Plumbing Supply. They not only offer replacement parts for flushometers and bathroom fixtures, but they also provide a wealth of resources for professional plumbers and contractors at incredible prices. Browse through their intuitive website, or give them a call at 1-833-251-4591, and their friendly staff will be more than happy to address all of your plumbing parts questions.

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