Fri. Jun 9th, 2023
Victony AC1200 Extender Setup

In the following paragraphs, we’re going to look at every aspect of the VICTONY AC1200 Extender Setup. We’ll start by examining the Victony dual-band AC1200 wireless extender because it has four external antennas and excellent Wi-Fi coverage at home or at work.The quick setup and installation allow you to start perusing the internet right away. Most market-available expander devices are compatible with it because it supports IEEe802.11a/ac/n/g/b standards. Being a plug-in and activating WPS, it starts up fast.

web browser for victony AC1200 wifi extender

  • Place the extender first in the empty spot and in the middle of the router. 
  • Make sure your router is sending the expansion device at least 50% of the data. 
  • After powering it on, put the Victony AC1200 extension in “continuous/extender mode.
  • Hold on for a short while until the power LED turns a bright green colour.The next step is to connect to Victony’s wifi name in the Wi-Fi settings of each of your devices, including your phone, tablet, and portfolio. 
  • Victony Extender or Wireless-N will be employed. At first, people will think of you as an unprotected open network. After successful connection, the notification “No internet” will be heard.
  • On your device, launch the browser, navigate to ap.setup, and enter the “admin” login and password. 
  • Everything is extremely tiny. The next step is to choose the network you want to expand, give it a name, and then confirm by entering the network password.
  • After each modification is made, the system reboots for about 60 seconds before your PCs can be added.
  • You should join your devices to the Victony AC1200 rebroadcast network, which should be visible in your Wi-Fi list. (SSID EXT).

Note: If you require assistance with setting up your Victory WiFi extender, get in touch with our trained technicians or visit the official website, ap.setup.

WPS Setup for victony wifi extender

  • Connect the Victony AC1200 extender setup using WPS while opening in the same space.
  • Press and hold the WPS button for two seconds after the AC1200’s power LED has been steady for a few seconds. 
  • The LED lights on both devices should begin to blink after 10-15 seconds, indicating a successful setup.
  •  As a result, the Victony wa1200 would have all green WPS LEDs. Remember to reset the extender and try again if this doesn’t work.
  •  The extension can then be taken out and placed, for example, somewhere within the router’s range. 
  • The passcode you use for your Wi-Fi extension is listed in the SSID EXT List.

Access Point using a Victony AC1200 extender

  1. Access point mode is without any doubt faster than range an extra period mode. 
  2. You should use or build an Ethernet cable that is 20 to 30 feet long in your walls. 
  3. Before we start, make sure the devices are switched on and in access point mode. 
  4. Create wa1200 as the primary entrance. Connect your AC1200 first to the location where you plan to use it. 
  5. Connect an Ethernet cable to the LAN extender port on your repeater from the LAN port. Your name will show up in the Wi-Fi list if you link your Victony Extender to your phone, laptop, or tablet.

Victony AC1200 Extender reset process

  • Before going to restore the Victony AC1200 extender to its original default settings, make sure it is connected to a power outlet properly. 
  • Next, find the pinhole on the repeater that typically receives the factory reset button.
  • The reset button, which is inside the opening, should then be pushed and held for 10 to 15 seconds using a paper clip or toothpick.
  • The charge led indicator will turn amber after you reset the wireless booster.
  • Wait until the charge LED is entirely green before moving forward.
  • To change the Victony WIFI extender, adhere to the instructions given above.

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