Sun. Mar 26th, 2023
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Vape Juice or e-liquid is the important thing in any vape device. You can’t even enjoy your aroma king vaping session if you don’t have an e-liquid on your device. The orange county CBD disposable vape devices or other vapes don’t contain harmful elements like tar or carbon monoxide. On the other hand, if you see the case of traditional cigarettes, these harmful elements are involved in the nicotine of regular cigarettes. 

Vape juice or e-liquid contains nicotine, and other ingredients are also present in the vape juice. In those ingredients, Flavour and VG/PG are involved. VG and PG are the two labs mad liquid, performing different functions in a vape Juice. VG is a thick liquid responsible for any vape device’s thick vapours. Still, there are some ingredients in vape juice you need to avoid. 

Ingredients To Avoid: 

There are still some ingredients you need to avoid while using vape juice in your vape device. This blog explains all the ingredients you need to avoid in your vape juice. Those ingredients include Mint or Menthol, Caffeine, Vanilla, Fragrance Oil and titanium dioxide.

  1. Mint Or Menthol: 

If you are a new vaper and using orange county CBD disposable vape, there is no need to choose the e-liquid with mint or menthol flavour. The reason is that they contain a carcinogen called pulegone, an addictive element used in food as well. If it is highly addictive, it’s toxic, and if you don’t want to make your vaping session uncomfortable, you just need to avoid the mint or menthol e-liquid flavour. 

  1. Caffeine: 

The same thing again; caffeine is also an addictive element. Consumption of an excessive amount of caffeine could be dangerous for human health. Most people use caffeine in their drinks, which can harm their health. 


If you are a patient with heart disease and high blood pressure, you need to stop consuming caffeine completely. Some vape juices contain an amount of caffeine that is addictive and toxic, so you just need to avoid buying vape juice with caffeine.

  1. Vanilla: 

It is observed that vanilla flavour is also harmful and toxic to health. Vanilla contains a compound named “Vanillin”, which is toxic and dangerous to use. Vanillin is responsible for causing dysfunction of blood cells, death of cells and heart damage. When you use vanilla flavour in your vape device, it can cause skin and eye irritation. So, if you are buying a disposable vape, you need to confirm that it doesn’t have a vanilla flavour. 

  1. Fragrance Oil: 

Fragrance oil is a common word in everyone’s house. It is used in common households and is made up of synthetic petroleum. It has neurotoxins which are harmful to human health. 

If you inhale fragrance oil through the vapes, it can affect your lungs badly. It can affect the respiratory system, and you can have breathing issues due to inhaling fragrance oil. So, avoid using fragrance oil in your disposable vape or crystal pro bar vape devices.   

  1.  Strawberry and Banana flavours: 

The research says that strawberry and Banana flavours are also harmful and toxic to health. If you inhale these e-liquid flavours, they could be toxic and harmful to your health. It can damage your cells, and the presence of dimethyl pyrazine can cause a lethal reaction in the body. So, it would be better for you to avoid these flavours in your vape juice. 

In A Word: 

The research shows that vaping is the best and 95% safer alternative to smoking, but still, there is a need to take care of a few things. Vape juice or e-liquid is an essential thing in the world of orange county CBD disposable vaping. 

You still need to avoid some ingredients in vape juice. The fundamental thing you can do is just not to use vape juice filled with caffeine. You should also avoid mint or menthol flavour in your disposable vape because it is highly addictive and harmful.        


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