Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

No matter your area of practice in dentistry, world-renowned intraoral scanner manufacturer iTeroⓇ has a solution specifically designed for you. Designed by the manufacturers of InvisalignⓇ, iTeroⓇ has revolutionized orthodontic procedures with over 12 million digital scans performed every year by orthodontists.

However, there are many more applications of digital impressions outside of orthodontic use. More and more general practitioners, oral surgeons, and implant specialists are discovering the clinical applications and benefits of iTeroⓇ scanners for restorative procedures. Today, we explore the iTeroⓇ scanning applications for restorative procedures.

Restorative Dentistry
Since the beginning, iTeroⓇ has had roots in restorative dentistry. iTeroⓇ intraoral scanners offer means for visualizing restorative dentistry treatments, from crowns and bridges to veneers, onlays, and more.

One way iTeroⓇ leads intraoral scanning for restorative procedures is through its My iTeroⓇ software. The software is specifically designed to be an easy entry into taking digital impressions, with an operator guide built into the interface.

The operator guide walks you and your staff through taking the necessary scans for restorative procedures, so you get the best results in a fraction of the time of other impression-taking methods. The system guides through 5 scanning segments to complete the restorative procedure from treatment planning to prepped tooth.

Once scans are complete, iTeroⓇ makes it easy to share results with both your patients and your labs or referrals. Restorative scans with iTeroⓇ produce high-quality 3D images, perfect for chairside visualizations with patients. Digital impressions make a realistic recreation for patient education and treatment planning. Patients usually have a very positiveon reaction to seeing their mouths replicated in a digital impression.

Your iTeroⓇ equipment is also lightweight and portable, specifically to assist with displaying scans chairside in multiple operatories.. iTeroⓇ scanners are designed in either a cart-style configuration for convenient wheeled transportation or with a laptop for easy tabletop scan viewing.

Designed in an innovative open system, iTeroⓇ also considers the next steps in restorative procedures, creating digital workflows that are efficient and predictable with open scan files and chairside milling capabilities. Through My iTeroⓇ, you can also find local labs to send your scans to if needed to keep your business moving forward.

iTeroⓇ Scanners at 30-50% Off the Price of New Units!
The iTero Element FlexTM Foundation is ideal for restorative procedures and includes a 3D scanning optimized laptop from Renew Digital to help you get started scanning quickly. It is a lightweight, accurate, fast scanner, and being as noninvasive as it is, improves the patient experience substantially.

Full arch scans can be captured in as little as one minute, capturing details of the patient’s teeth and mouth down to 10 microns, based on the setting and scan type.

Most importantly, getting started with an iTeroⓇ Element FlexTM Foundation certified pre-owned intraoral scanner is easy with the help of Renew Digital.

When you purchase certified pre-owned through Renew Digital, you’re getting comparable performance to a new unit in the same model offering an affordable entry to practice digitization. Plus, your purchase has no recurring costs, with software, subscription, and warranty included for three years.

The iTeroⓇ certified pre-owned scanners are supported just like new scanners with a dedicated team of service and support staff that practices can access. It covers 100% of repair or replacement of defective parts at no additional cost during the service term. It also enables you to learn through self-paced, interactive courses, videos, and other customized instruction and support materials.

Ready to save 30-50% off of the price of new iTeroⓇ scanners? Visit Renew Digital at, contact them online, or get in touch with them directly at 888-246-5611.

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