Tue. Oct 4th, 2022

In today’s era, the future of your mobile app can decide how successful your business would be because smartphones and tablets are where today’s customers breathe. A feature-packed app can upsurge your business, and a feature-lacked app can slump all your efforts.  

If you would like to develop a mobile app that appeals to your targeted audience, you need to ask some questions before getting into the development. It will help you to decide on various app aspects according to your customer needs. 

Here are some key questions to answer before you move ahead with mobile app development. 

#1. What is the objective of your mobile app? 

First and foremost, you need to assess that your business really requires an app or you are developing it just because each business is having an app nowadays. You HAVE to have a solid logical purpose for developing an app. 

Make sure your app idea is unique, and you are not copying something already in existence. If you have a similar app idea just like another app, try to find out what features you are offering to make your app unique from the other similar apps. 

Also, conduct a feasibility study to check out whether your idea is feasible or not. Do market research, predictive analysis, evaluate targeted audience and stakeholders, etc. 

#2. How to maintain the confidentiality of your app idea from being copied?

Anyone who somehow gets any hint of your app idea can copy it before you publish it. So you need to protect and maintain confidentiality to safeguard your app idea from the pirates. Here are some useful ways. 

  • Non-disclosure and Non-competence agreement 
  • Apply for a patent for your app idea protection 
  • Trademark the app name or logo
  • Copyright the app 
  • Get involved with the right people for the business 

#3. What will be the essential features of your app?

You need to ensure that your mobile app remains equipped with essential features that customers need. So deciding on the key features is a significant step that you can not overlook. If you do feature stuffing at the initial stages, users might be confused about the core app purpose.

If you are not clear about the specific features, you will end up with a messy and inefficient user experience. If your app idea has something unique, stand out with it and achieve success. Also, decide on payment facility, in-app purchase, or other app safety features. 

#4. What would be the perfect timeline for getting your app developed? 

Decide the maximum timeline for developing an app because it needs brainstorming to choose a top-notch mobile app development company. Remember that when there are tight time constraints, it will cost you more in the development. 

Assess how much time it needs for designing, prototyping, development, testing, improvements, deployment, etc. Check reviews and portfolio of the app development agency, and choose the best developers that will help you develop features according to your business needs. 

#5. Do you have enough ability and budget to execute the app?

You might think you can develop the best app by hiring developers at a low cost. But in reality, you will get only that much you have paid. So for the development of a revenue-generating app, you need enough money from the investors. 

To convince prospective investors, you must have the ability to present your app idea by following the approach that excites them to invest in your app idea.   

#6. Have you analyzed your competition? 

By assessing competition and market leaders of your industry niche, you can effortlessly determine how other apps are performing, what mistakes they have made, what makes them excel in the market, etc. It will aid in discovering the exact features and functionalities of your mobile app. 

When you measure your competition, you will acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses. It helps to improve your own business strategies. It will tell you how to outshine your competitors in certain areas to gain customer attention. 

#7. What would be your marketing strategies? 

Have you planned any marketing strategies for your mobile app? What would be the budget for promotional activities? These are some important questions to answer. App store optimization is the best technique, to begin with. In most situations, third-party endorsements are one of the best forms of marketing. 

Monitoring tools can help you discover the exact target market and range of your potential users. Also, give a solid reason to your audience to leverage your app because there are millions of apps accessible to users. 

#8. What UI/UX design considerations need to be followed? 

When it comes to UI/UX design, it needs patience, inspiration, and dedication. If you do not focus on the app design in the designing phase, it will result in major setbacks. The app needs to be appealing, alluring, and eye-catchy. 

Are there any guidelines to adhere to for mobile app layout and screen designs? Are your designs mobile-friendly? Are there any barriers to how it can look in the app store? What would be the icon and logo of the app? Consider every aspect. 

#9. Does your mobile app need to be hosted? 

  • Is there any specific infrastructure it requires to plug into? 
  • Are there any upstream microservices required for a plugin? 
  • Is there a mobile responsive website along with the app?
  • Are there any other vendors that need to integrate with the app?  
  • Is hosting for a mobile app really essential? Or are you convenient without it?

Hosting is necessary or not; it actually depends on what you want to leverage from the app and how it is structured. So think upon all the aspects before deciding on the mobile app development. 

#10. How will you tackle challenges and unexpected hard times? 

Even if you have planned everything perfectly, keep in mind that success is never guaranteed. Deliberate on how you will handle any adversities. If the process turns into difficulties, will you continue or leave? 

The first version of your app is not always perfect. So always be ready with plan B including new ideas and tactics. It all depends on how you tackle complexities and fight until you succeed. 

Summing Up

You should be able to answer all the questions before stepping towards mobile app development. You have to be clear about all the aspects of your app. 

Without clarity, faith, and confidence in everything you are attempting to develop, you are destined to fail. So make sure you are clear with all the fundamentals of the app.  

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