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The zombie apocalypse of the zombie games has been sighted, and the only hope to survive is to get out. But how do you survive in a world where zombies are all over the place? There are plenty of zombie games available to help you prepare for this world full of zombies. These are our top five selections!

Zombie catchers – zombie games

If you’re seeking a game about zombies with a little an original spin, look into this zombie catchers hack. In this game, you’re able to play as two aliens trying to capture the most zombies they can. The aliens utilize various tools and weapons to catch zombies. The game is full of hilarious animated scenes and dialogue. While the game may become monotonous, Zombies Catchers is an entertaining playing game for zombies.

A few of the characteristics of zombie catchers are:

– a hilarious and funny zombie game

various gadgets and weapons that can be used to capture zombies

– repetitive but fun gameplay

zombie games

Zombie Highway – zombie games

This is a never-ending racer with twists. You’ll need to aim your way through an endless stream of undead creatures as you drive along the highway to make it as long as you can before they get close to you. The further you travel without being caught by zombies greater the points, weapons and other points that you earn throughout the game. It’s also free, so there’s nothing to pay for other than time!

A few characteristics of the zombie highway are:

An endless running game that has the zombie twist

You can shoot your way through hoards of zombies

– make it as long as you can prior to them catching up with you

Free to Play

zombie games

Dead Trigger – zombie games

If shooting waves of zombies just isn’t enough for you, this game has boss battles and missions that will keep players on their alert. It’s a shooter for first-person with stunning graphics, so it’s bound to give you zombie-apocalypse-like sensations. It’s also completely free, with in-app purchases being available.

One of the functions in Dead Trigger includes:

is a first-person shooter that has amazing graphics

Zombies boss battles and missions

Play for free

zombie games

The Walking Dead

A list of zombie-themed games is incomplete without this game. Based on the well-loved AMC show, The game places players in the shoes of Rick Grimes as he tries to locate his family in a world populated by walkers. Your choices throughout the game will decide who will live or die, and you must make the right choice! Five episodes are available to purchase. The first one is free.

The features in The Walking Dead include:

– storyline inspired by the well-known AMC show

Choose carefully who lives or dies

five episodes are available to purchase, and the first episode is completely free

zombie games

Plants vs Zombies

One of the best-known zombie games available. This game requires you’ll need to plant plants to defend your home from an invasion. Each plant has its own capability, and you’ll need to determine which are the most effective against undead hoards. There are several game modes to keep you entertained, and the price is only $2.99.

Characteristics in Plants vs Zombies:

– You should use plants to safeguard your home from a zombie attack

Each plant has its own unique ability. That’s why you’ll have to determine which will be most effective against undead crowds

There are many game modes that will make you feel entertained

Zombie Tsunami

This is yet another endless runner, but with some twists-you’re the zombie! The goal of this game is you’ll need to create your zombie horde by infecting other humans and traversing through different obstacles. The more zombies in your horde, the more you’ll live. It’s completely free, with in-app purchases being available.

Features of zombie tsunami include:

– You can play the role of a zombie

Infect people to make your own zombie horde

– move through the various obstacles


If you’re in search of a top zombie game for your Android gadget, this article has it covered. In this article, we’ve compiled our top six zombie-themed games available for Android. If you’re in the market for a shooter that is first-person as well as an endless racer, we have the best zombie game.

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