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Do you want to know the roles of back end developers? Then you are at the perfect place. We will be discussing the roles and responsibilities of a backend developer.

Backend developers are the professionals who create and manage the apparatus that processes statistics and executes work on websites. Although most users will never interface with backend technology, sites and apps are impossible without them. Backend developers have a wide range of employment choices available to them.

With the increasing number of a web development company, the demand for backend developers has also expanded.

In this blog, we will be discussing the top 10 roles of backend developers that can be helpful for you to hire them. But first, let’s look at what a backend developer is.

What are Back End Developers?

A backend developer is a programmer that makes it feasible for the UI of a site to exist.

Backend developers are responsible for developing, maintaining, evaluating, and correcting a website’s absolute data access layer.

Server-side coding is the domain of backend developers. To ensure the app is served effectively, developers provide the fundamental structure and functionality of a site, website link, or web app, including SQL database (API) construction or cloud services interfaces.

What Does a Backend Developer Do?

Backend developers create, manage, and troubleshoot an application’s backend. It is a significant obligation that may be divided into various tasks, as you could expect. You can hire backend developers to create web applications. Depending on the business, a backend developer is responsible for doing the below tasks:

  • Creating the systems and processes to fulfil the application’s needs.
  • The preserving index includes statistics retention and repossession, backups, and safety.
  • Identifying and addressing flaws in the backend code.
  • Monitoring all APIs that the organisation utilises to interconnect apps inside out.
  • Optimising performance to boost productivity and enhance client exposure.
  • Building and managing code archives for developers to use throughout the company.
  • Assisting in the development of the backend framework for the app.
  • Protecting the app against malicious actions.

Apart from the above functions, backend developers also enhance the website’s performance with front-end developers. If you want to build software for your business, you can hire dedicated backend developers from reputed firms.

Roles & Responsibilities of Back End Developers

Now that you know what a backend developer is and what a backend developer does. It’s time to know about the roles and responsibilities.

Write high-quality code

It is the first responsibility of a backend developer. Writing high-quality code makes a website or application run smoothly. They must ensure to frame a simple and easily rectified code for developing a website app.

Build and maintain websites

The next task of backend developers is to develop and manage websites. The developers make sure that the website runs faultlessly. The developer’s responsibility is to decide how they can build a simple, user-friendly model that turns this model into a website. For that, they utilise several tools, architecture, and technologies. But for this, a cross-platform operation and compatibility are needed.

Assess efficiency and speed

The developers must ensure to evaluate the speed and scalability of a website once it is made and started operating. Backend developers should also check updates and corrections on a website.

Perform quality assurance (QA) testing

Performing quality assurance testing is the next big task for a backend developer. The developers must set up and manage testing plans to improve UI and interaction, ensuring optimal appearance across several platforms and browsers.

Train and support

It is another responsibility of a backend developer. The developers must establish relationships with client groups to assure in-progress assistance, effective training, and guidance for internal developers of a company.

Troubleshoot and debug

Troubleshooting and debugging errors are another main responsibility of backend developers. With the support of the quality assurance team, task supervisor and stakeholders, the flaws and errors can be debugged.

API integration

API integration is a messenger that handles requests and guarantees the efficient operation of business systems. Information, apps, and gadgets can easily be linked because of API. It provides information and allows accessibility between systems and software. The backend developer is accountable for overseeing the server-side resources accessible from all platforms. There are various full-stack development services that you can opt for for your firm.

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Reporting — generating analytics and statistics

Reporting to managers or stakeholders is any business’s main responsibility or task. The backend developer is also responsible for generating accurate data and strong analytics for stakeholders.

Security settings and hack prevents

The backend developer is responsible for improving security settings to avoid hacking. It is one of the main tasks for any developer because the security of applications and websites depends on them. To improve the security setting of your website, you should hire dedicated developers.

Backing up and reimposing technologies for a site’s files and database 

It is the next task for a backend developer. The developers must reconstruct and back up technologies regularly. The active website becomes damaged by the latest update or function, forcing a rollback to the previous version. So, it is vital to keep an eye on daily updates and data restoration.

Skills of backend developers 

The backend developers are responsible for the website backend. They must possess the following skill to get hired by a certified firm. So, let’s take a look at each skill briefly:


Python is a versatile language of programming that is frequently used to create the back end of software and online applications. It’s a versatile, approachable, and strong language that all backend developers must get familiar with.


Another all-purpose scripting language utilised frequently in the back end of app development is Java. It is versatile enough to accommodate challenging, high-quality software projects and was designed to be accessible across various contexts.


PHP is among the most widely used backend languages in the software industry. It is a scripting language, as opposed to Python or Java; as such, it executes scripts in real time to perform repetitive tasks or enhance app performance.


Backend developers can now access and alter associate databases as necessary because of SQL. With SQL, developers can add and take away data, query databases, build new tables, store processes within databases, and even set permissions, columns and procedures. You must be acquainted with SQL if you ever need to work with associate databases, which is likely if you are a backend developer.


Git is a fantastic alternative if you’re seeking a broadly used contemporary management system that will work for you. It is simple to alter and reinstate the code since every developer with a rough draft of it has easy access to the whole history of all modifications made. It is out of the most high-quality, adaptable, and safe backend developer skills index.


Above are the top 10 roles of a backend developer that can help you hire them for your company. Apart from roles, we have also discussed what backend developers are and their skills. We hope you get the information for what you are here.

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