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Primavera Training in Noida

In this rapidly growing world of technologies and businesses, it is becoming a challenging task to manage or handle a humongous amount of large projects effectively. To address this issue a program or software was needed with the help of which companies of various industries can handle their projects more efficiently. In this article, you are going to know about a software which has revolutionised the management process of projects by bringing them in a centralised form. Let’s dig into this to know more.

What Is Primavera?

It is a project management software which is implemented by project professionals, schedulers, engineers, planners, and many others who are part of the professions related to planning, management, project reporting, etc. It facilitates various factors throughout the project which enhances the workflow and seamless performance across the whole process of project management. This software is helpful for all sizes of projects and can be used by all sizes of industries.

 Features Of Primavera Software

Scheduling-One of the critical features of primavera, confirms the proper scheduling of projects like finishing the project on time and within the budget. 

Opportunity and Risk Management- It is easy for project managers to identify the risk that may occur in the project which can lead to significant issues. This feature of primavera allows managers to handle the risk by alerting them and that must be resolved before it becomes a significant issue. 

Resource Management-In this project managers can easily track the resources of the company and generate forecasts of changes in resource availability. It is quite useful to keep a record of resources and manage them effectively. It is helpful for ERPM users too as they can convert their raw data into easily understandable and shareable graphics with the help of visualization tools. 

Contract Management- It offers the best approach to handle multiple projects and also with the help of the Oracle database one can easily copy the information in seconds for the new project if they have similarities to some extent. 

Advantages Of Primavera Software

There are several advantages of using primavera and some of them are

User-friendly- It facilitates the management and access of the projects in the software, in spite of the complex process and analysis that Primavera Training Course in Gurgaon offers. This automatically identifies issues raised in the software just after putting information into it.

Minimizes Risk – when there is an error, issue, and inconsistency in the schedule then it gives rise to a hike in the budget of the project. Later, in order to compensate for the access cost, you have to remove the foremost parts of the project. 

Tracking Feature-Primavera frequently traces the records of projects like maintaining baseline adherence and completing it. It is the most prominent feature of primavera which allows users to generate records rapidly. 

Predicting Project Activities- As the project grows it is essential to meet the demands of the stakeholders and for that forecasting resources, activities, and various project needs is required and this can be easily done by Primavera.

Disintegrating of Complex Project-One of the optimum benefits of Primavera is that it breaks down large and complex projects into smaller, easier projects, activities, and tasks as they can be large and overwhelming. 

Increase Collaboration- Over a period of time when a project is acquiring a large span it converts into better communication which further translates into better collaboration. After all, communication is already enhanced throughout the project. 

Top 10 Important Interview Questions and Answers of Primavera

What do you understand by constraint in Primavera?

Ans. It is a function in Primavera which is used to fix the start and finish date of the project, or we can say to set the deadline of the project as per the following options

The project must be done by

Mandatory Start / Mandatory Finish

Starting / Finishing On or After

Starting / Finishing On or Before

 Start / Finish On

Expected Finish

What do you mean by WBS?

Ans. WBS is an acronym for Work Breakdown Structure. It shows a hierarchical breakdown of projects into components and deliveries in order to enhance the speed of the process and effective results. 

Differentiate between Free Float and Total Float.

Ans. There is a minute difference between them but can be much more effective for the project holistically. 

Free Float- It is the amount of time one can take to delay an activity without affecting the successor activity or delaying it. Whereas,

Total Float- It is the amount of time one can take to delay activity in such a fashion that it does not affect the deadline of the project or without delaying the finish date.

What do you mean by CPM? How do you calculate forward pass?

Ans. CPM stands for Critical Path Method which is helpful to calculate the scheduled time for those activities which are specified in WBS. 

Explain resource allocation and resource levelling

Ans. Resource allocation-Basically, it is allocating resources to activities, fixing the cost of labor, tools and required for any activity.

Resource Levelling- It is the comparison of scheduled activities to the maximum quantity available at the time of levelling. The maximum quantity for any resource can be determined through the Max unit/time for a specific resource in the resources tab.

What do you mean by S-curve?

Ans. It is a graphical representation of costs, hours, units, or any other values with respect to time. It is considered as the quickest and easiest view for managers to understand.  

Name two industries where Primavera is getting used significantly.

Ans. The two industries which are using primavera significantly are-

Oil and Gas

Construction and Engineering

What do you understand about EVM? State various types of EVM.

Ans. It is a procedure which combines scope, schedule, cost, and resource measurements to look after the performance and progress and the techniques involve are

Parametric estimation

Analogous estimation

Bottom-up estimation 

How is OBS different from WBS?

Ans. OBS stands for Organisation breakdown structure; it shows the elements which already existed in the organisation such as departments, units, or teams. It is configured according to the work packages which are listed under each department. 

This behaviour of OBS makes it different from WBS as it stands for work breakdown structure in which work is to decompose the project into segments in order to draw an impactful result. 

What do you mean by Baseline and how it is used in the project?

Ans. Basically, it is an approved version of the cost and schedule plan. It gets used to check or measure the status of the project whether the project is under cost or under schedule. 



In the era of digitalization, one of the most powerful, important, and useful tools is Primavera which has been proven a boon for project managers and many such professionals who are involved in the profession of management, manufacturing, and many more. If we talk about it from a career perspective then it opens various career opportunities for ambitious ones who are looking for a dynamic career with a lucrative salary. Companies are actively hiring certified engineers or managers in primavera who can handle their projects effectively and can provide them better results and for that, you can go for Primavera Course. To get professional and career-oriented Primavera Training in Noida you can visit APTRON institute in Noida.


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