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Summary: The rug cleaning service providers comprise skilled and specialized rug cleaners. They have the solution to your rug problems and they do it efficiently. Rug cleaning services are going to allow people to have them professionally cleaned.

When looking for professional rug cleaning services, it is important to go for the very best. Failure to get the right professionals for the job could easily lead to your rug getting damaged. Depending on how valuable your rug is to you, you will not settle for less when it comes to choosing the right people for the job.

There are numerous companies starting up which offer all kinds of cleaning services. However, it is essential to make sure that the one on which you settle is going to give you the level of service you expect and will leave your carpet in top condition.

Conducting an online search for service providers

You can get the right people for the job by conducting an online search for service providers in your area. This will also offer you the opportunity to compare the different prices and the various services being offered together with your cleaning services.

You can save a lot of money by going for the right people for the right kind of service. Never compromise on the quality of your rug and never settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to rug cleaning services.

Rugs are being increasingly used by people in their homes, offices, and stores. Besides choosing a rug that suits your particular needs, you also have to ensure that it is properly maintained so as to get the maximum value for money.

The most important part of maintenance is regular cleaning by a professional. This is particularly true when it comes to cleaning oriental rugs. Special care needs to be taken so as to retain the quality and originality of these works of art.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Fairfax is necessary to have the house rugs thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis as a way of keeping the house neat and clean as well as comfortable and inviting. The good thing about rug cleaning is that you do not necessarily have to do it yourself if you find it tedious as there are professionals out there willing to help you with your needs.

When to Clean Your Rug

Ideally, a rug should be cleaned once in 6 months. Depending on where your wool rugs are being used, they can be cleaned once a year also. But the recommended time is twice a year for those that are being used in high traffic areas.

An easy way to identify if your rug needs cleaning is by rubbing your palm on the rug for about 10 seconds. If your hands are dirty or there is dust flying up, it is definitely time for a thorough cleaning. It is also possible to clean rugs at home but it is better if you can get a professional to do it for you especially in the case of oriental rugs cleaning.

Knowledge and Expertise

A good rug cleaner must have all the equipment to do a professional job. The rug must be examined for any damage because cleaning damaged wool rugs will only make it worse.

In case of damage, it has to be masterfully restored and the right cleaning liquids and processes must be identified based on the material from which the rug is made. The process of cleaning involves dusting, washing with water and cleaning agents, rinsing, drying, and restoration of the fringe. All this needs expert knowledge and experience on the part of the cleaner.

Cleaning Services Offered by Rug Dealers

Rug cleaning services are very often offered by rug dealers. It is always good to make use of this service they offer because as a dealer they know what can and cannot be done to a rug. They will know if the rug is going to bleed color or shrink when it is washed.

In case you have some complaints about the cleaning job or if the rug is damaged during washing, the Allergy Cleaning Company Ashburn is always in a better position to help you rectify the situation than a normal dry cleaner.

Questions to Ask a Rug Cleaning Service Before Making a Decision

By asking a rug service the following questions, you can determine whether they offer the expertise and experience your rugs need, or whether you should move on to the next service, asking it the same questions.

Can You Offer Eight References that Had Rugs like Mine?

The first matter of importance is whether a service has experience cleansing your type of rug. If a company can’t give eight references to back up its experience with a certain type of rug, it’s best to find one that can, especially if your carpets are antique, or made of fine materials. A service that doesn’t have extensive experience with these types of carpets has no business offering to clean them.

What will the PH Level of my Wool Rug Be Once you’re done Cleansing It?

In the case of a wool carpet, the material should emerge with a PH reading of below 7, as wool is naturally on the acid side. A PH reading of higher than 7 will jeopardize your carpet’s appearance and longevity. If a cleaning service seems stumped by this question, move on to a service that knows what you’re talking about.

What is the Maximum PH Level of the Cleaner You’ll Use on My Wool Rug?

Soaps used to clean wool carpets should contain a PH reading of no higher than 8.5, as soaps with PHs above 8.5 can damage wool. While it seems odd that the service wouldn’t use the optimal soap type for carpet cleansing, it isn’t uncommon, and carpet owners eventually pay the price in the form of ruined carpets.

Are You Certified by the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration?

Services that are certified as wool care specialists by the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration will have the training necessary to handle your wool carpets in a way that produces deep cleaning without harming their appearance and durability.

While a service may not be qualified by the association and still possess the same knowledge of services that are, the safest option is to go with a company that holds certification and can prove it.

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