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The majority of MOT shops are trustworthy and won’t try to con one or bilk one. Most won’t turn to illegal behaviour to fail the car. Even if they provide MOT repair work and it is thus in their best interest to do so. But there are those out there who will gladly defraud one of the money by Car Service Cardiff. Using tricks that range from little deceit to outright fraud.

MOT Fraud:

Here is a summary of only a few of the illegal activities connected to the MOT trade. That has been getting documented. Check them out if one is purchasing a car or getting the automobile tested. So one is not caught off guard.

Poor Performance:

The act of marking test items as incorrect. When they are OK is by far the most prevalent kind of cheating.

A shady testing facility can swiftly break a wiper blade. Replace a headlamp bulb with one that doesn’t work, or alter the lamps’ adjustment. These tasks take only a few seconds for an expert mechanic.

As slitting catalytic converter gaiters, tampering with catalysts and submitting fraudulent brakes. or emissions test results are more severe violations. If a testing station mounts tyres. Watch out for unexplained cuts or other damage to the side walls of vehicle tyres.

Inadequately completing the test (or at all):

At this point, one is dealing with overt crime.

There are several instances of “discount” MOT testing facilities. They charge cheap charges for MOTs but never conduct the test. Sometimes the tests are getting hurried. The automobile enters and exits the garage with little to no attention paid to it. And it’s not uncommon for cars to pass the MOT without entering the garage.

One may wonder why one would care as long as one receives the pass. But considering that the MOT is thus concerned with making sure. the automobile complies with fundamental safety standards. One would be crazy to not want it done well.

Along with the problem of safety, if the garage is getting discovered. It’s possible that previous certifications it has provided would be getting deemed invalid. Which might result in one driving a car with invalid insurance without realising it. This would be against the law and may incur penalties like points, a fine, or even jail time.

Why take a risk?

Forged certificates:

The issuance of bogus “certificates” is arguably the worst MOT scam.

One no longer gets a valid certificate from the exam centre. Since the system changed (in 2011), in actuality. One is thus given a piece of paper (a VT20 or VT30). Which one may use as evidence that the MOT has been getting completed.

This “piece of paper” is simply that, and that is the problem. Anyone with a computer and a rudimentary knowledge of the job. processing can fabricate information with absurd ease.

On a government website, the real “certificate” is currently archived. and one may verify the vehicle’s status there. Even though this scam isn’t very widespread at testing facilities. It’s something to be on the lookout for when purchasing an automobile. Never rely on the owner’s paper “certificate. Instead, get the vehicle’s VIN, and the test number from the VT20 (pass) or VT30 (fail). And utilise the government MOT checker to ensure it is authentic.

What Can One Do To Stop Being getting Scammed?

Use a testing centre that does the MOT solely. Those who don’t provide repairs have no reason to take advantage of one by unfairly failing the car. Thus they are far less likely to do so. They have nothing to gain from it, so why would they?

Before one brings the car in for an MOT, perform the basic inspections

The likelihood of getting duped will be significantly reduced. by carrying out the straightforward tests that everyone may carry out. The majority of the time. the easiest things to check are the ones that dishonest testing facilities would try to cheat on.

The majority of the time, the thieves will make little mistakes. that are simple to remedy and only call for parts found at nearby auto parts stores. These things will only take a few minutes to fix. And the components will only set one back a few pounds. But they will charge far more. Quick cash!

What is happening? How can one tell?

A viewing area is a need for all MOT Testing locations. Having one is a need for their operating permit. Ask to be thus shown the viewing area. if one has questions about the testing facility and wishes to keep an eye on the car. Leave if they do not have one or if they provide an explanation.

How One Confident They Took the Test?

The government offers a website where one can check the MOT Cardiff status of any car. Because one no longer receives an MOT. certificate as verification of the vehicle’s MOT status. (one only gets an easy forgeries printout). Use the government’s website to see if the car one is contemplating purchasing has passed its MOT.

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