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Many students pursue a bachelor of arts degree. A Bachelor of Arts degree can open up many doors for you. But many students are also not aware of many things. So here are some things that you should definitely be aware of before going for your bachelor of arts degree. You can choose to MBA from UK after completing BA from any stream.

What is a Bachelor of Arts Degree? 

Before jumping on everything, let us first understand what is this degree all about and what are the various things where you can get opportunities after the completion of this degree. A Bachelor of Arts is a four-year undergraduate degree in which standard general education requirements are covered and along with this it also allows students to specialize in their area of interest.

You can also specialize in various fields after pursuing this program, their field of specialization includes psychology, history, business and many other fields. No matter which field you decide on, all the BA programs are designed in such a way that they improve your critical thinking skills, communication skills, and a foundation in the humanities. You can then check out some MBA colleges in Canada without work experience after completing

What are the benefits of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree? 

Many students underestimate the broad array of opportunities that are available to a person with an arts degree. There is a misconception that this degree is not relevant and you will not be able to get any good job opportunities after this program. The truth is completely in contrast. In reality, BA opens the widest area of opportunities for an individual. Here’s how:

  • Other bachelor’s degree prepares you for a specific field while BA provides you with the foundational knowledge to opt for hundreds of opportunities out there.
  • You get valuable skills such as critical reasoning, argumentation, and problem-solving skills.
  • There are various other perks such as exposure to diverse cultures, social forces, and ethical perspectives.
  • Your information literacy and versatile qualitative and quantitative research skills are also sharpened.

These are various of pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree.

What are the types of B.A. programs offered? 

There are three ways you can pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree, which is:

  1. Full-time BA: If you pursue a full-time BA, then you have to complete your BA like other programs, which are in-campus. If you pursue this program this way, then the duration of the program might be somewhere around 3-4 years, this depends on college to college.


  1. Distance BA: In distance BA, you do not have to regularly attend the college or university, you will be given the study material and you have to attend the college only on the weekends. The duration of doing BA through this will be quite lengthy and the program length may get expanded from 3-6 years.


  1. Online BA: There has been a lot of boom in online education and we have also seen a lot of growth in the ed-tech industry as well. And because of various reasons many programs and colleges have added an option of online learning programs, and the Bachelor of Arts program is also made available for the online medium. The duration of this program will be the same as the full-time program, the only difference is that you do not have to attend the college, instead you will have online classes.

Career Options after BA

It has already been mentioned that there are several options available for an individual who opted a Bachelor of Arts degree, The following are some career options that you can choose from:

  1. Copy editing, advertisements, journalism, acting.
  2. You can choose career counselling, administration of immigration, human resources, motivational speaking, sales
  3. Translation, tour and travels, civil services, cultural tour and tour guide, public policy analysis, title research.

These were some of the career options that are opted for the most by the students and these are also high-paying jobs that one can choose.


Now you have sufficient information regarding the BA program. As you have seen it is a very lucrative program and you can have a lot of career opportunities after this program. If you have decided to pursue this program, then it is advisable to create a list of your favourite colleges and universities and visit their websites for detailed information also check the employment report of the colleges to have an idea of the career opportunities that you can have.

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