Wed. Feb 1st, 2023
Things To Notice Before Buying A Shampoo

The word shampoo is derived from the word “CHAMPU “which is again derived from the Indian word Champi which means to massage the head. Shampoos in the olden days consisted of herbs that had saponin-like properties, meaning having the ability to produce foam. The production of foam was evidence that the dirt and grime is being washed away from the scalp of the individual.

The earliest evidence of saponin in the ayurvedic texts is the evidence of Reetha, or what is known in the English dialect as soap nuts.

But with the advent of Industrialization and the passage of time, the use of chemically manufactured shampoos made their way into the market. These shampoos were more widely marketed than the ones that were available naturally.

The prime reason for the loss and depletion of natural resources was the scarcity that was brought about by the advent of industrialization which made it difficult to procure soap nuts due to the manufacturing units being set up across places.

But what was the major drawback that attracted people towards chemically manufactured shampoos rather than naturally available resources?

Drawbacks of naturally available resources 

  1. Naturally available resources did not suit everyone – The major problem with the availability of natural resources was that natural resources did not suit people of all skin types, for people with hyper-sensitive skin needed an alternative.
  2. Industrialization focused more on making chemically manufactured shampoos- The rapid pace of industrialization focused on making chemically manufactured shampoos for the development and employment of people as factories opened new opportunities.  
  3. The process of procuring and making naturally available herbal powders was a tedious one and very labour intensive which led to dissatisfaction among the workers of the community and hence the market began to slowly diminish.

But what are the things you should keep in mind while taking a shampoo? What is it that a consumer shall keep in mind while trying to procure one?

Things to notice while buying a good shampoo

  1. Cost – “The major problem that people get carried away because of the marketing gimmicks by multinational companies is that something costly is always good and we as end users often get carried away by the same, hence before hastily deciding and spending hard earned money on marketed products please take a while and do your research thoroughly “ explained a renowned cosmetologist who has been assisting a lot of doctors while performing a hair transplant surgery in Vizag.
  2. Ingredients – The major problem we all do in our daily lives is to ignore what is written on the back label, and the back label, and understand the composition of the shampoo before deciding to apply something to your body.
  3. Reviews and ratings- The reviews and ratings of the product not just on the company website but also through word of mouth, client feedback, authorized vendors, and also through rival companies, why rival companies because the rival companies will have a brief understanding of the companies policy and will give a better insight for people to make a decision not necessarily negative.

“Too much of anything is bad, the same applies for shampoos as well, repeatedly washing one’s hair can cause the hair to get damaged and the follicles to become brittle, thus use your shampoo but don’t overdo it” concluded a Cosmetic Surgeon who has been performing cosmetic surgeries in Vizag since a very long time.

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