Wed. Feb 8th, 2023

Ever since the introduction of the iPhone 14 series in the market, the debate about iPhones failing the battery test have settled up to some extent. The reason is simple, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and the flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max have been assembled in such a way where they can afford a larger battery, an improved battery life and more than 9 hours of average use in a single charge. That tells us that Apple and iPhones have come a long way and now you can be more confident about going outdoors for longer durations without necessarily finding your battery completely drained.

But there comes a time when you have to give away your device for an iPhone battery replacement as the need arises for one.

Reasons for an iPhone battery replacement may be simple:

1. Battery Health falling

– your iPhone’s battery, when at 100% health, is at its optimum best. The battery health screen is about two things: a) Maximum Capacity and b) Peak Performance Capacity.

While the former represents your iPhone’s battery capacity in comparison to when it was new, the latter tells when your iPhone can support normal peak performance and usage and when it is time to go for an iPhone battery replacement.

Usually lithium-ion batteries can retain up to 80% of its original capacity so you must get an iPhone battery replacement done if your battery health falls below 80%

2. Swollen battery

– a swollen or corroding battery might be the worst thing to happen to your iPhone so you must automatically for an iPhone battery replacement if you experience a bulge on the backside or experience any liquid or fluid flowing out of your device. This means your battery health has been compromised and you need to replace it as soon as possible.

3. Unexpected shutdown

– usually when your iPhone’s battery is not working to its optimum best your phone will suffer from unexpected shutdowns. This might be a software glitch too but in the rarest of rare cases. Usually the battery is the reason why phones turn off unexpectedly and even after charging them for a long duration.

4. Sluggish performance

– further your iPhone, if it needs an iPhone battery replacement expert to help you, will feel sluggish when you use the overall interface or switch from one application to the other. You will experience delays in launching apps and might see your screen stuttering or freezing from time to time due to this problem.

5. iPhone heating issues

– last but not the least, if your iPhone is heating too much while you’re charging it or it gets hot even when the usage is a bit higher than normal, then you must understand it is time to take your device for an iPhone battery replacement.

Now that we’ve explored the different kinds of scenarios where you need to replace your phone’s battery, here are ways to go about it. These are some of the measures that must be taken before you send your iPhone for battery replacement.

Things To Do Before Giving Your iPhone For Battery Replacement

1. Backup your Data

– yes, first and foremost backup your data in case something goes awry and you lose your data post a repair. Backing up your iOS devices gives you the space and freedom to do more with your device in its physical condition as your data is stored safely with Apple’s iCloud services that store your data with ease and with extra protection.

2. Find a Trusted Repair Service

– the most important part is not to follow these precautionary and necessary steps but to ensure you’re looking at the right service to do the job for you. iPhones are complex devices and not everyone has the expertise to fix your phone. Trust people who provide you a fair warranty, are using top quality parts, and have the valid registration and licence to iPhones repair.

If these criterias match then you may very well proceed to get an iPhone battery replacement. Make sure you ask for the right warranty and discount as a customer. Top repair services do not shy away from providing that to their loyal customers .

3. Provide Apple ID & Password

– the top experts often need your Apple ID and Password to do a functionality test on your device. Without these, the prompts will not allow the professionals to explore all the problems and solve them with a reliable eye. So, safeguard your data in a hard-drive or computer and make sure you provide your Apple ID and Password to your trusted repair service.

4. Keep Battery % Less Than 30%

– though not a mandatory step, make sure you keep your battery percentage less than 30% when you’re giving your phone for an iPhone battery replacement Why? Because that helps the service experts to drain out your battery completely before attempting to charge it to its optimum capacity.

5. Enquire About Prices Beforehand

– be in a safe space and to do so you must have the knowledge about the overall costs and external charges involved in the entire process. By validating a fixed amount beforehand you’re in a good shape and can point it out in case the service experts want to charge anything beyond what they’ve previously mentioned.

A new battery will give your old iPhone full performance and capacity, but it is not the cure for all power issues. Some issues are caused by factors other than the battery. That said, don’t hesitate to change your battery if you have seen one of those signs. Have any other issue with your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch – contact top experts near you for a free pickup service, iPhone battery replacement, and more.

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