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With the rise of land and construction development all over Calgary for the past decades, it is no wonder why geomatic services in Calgary is in high demand.

The methods and techniques used to acquire, store, distribute, process, analyze, and show geographic data are called geomatics. Geomatics includes geodesy, GIS, GPS, hydrography, remote sensing, photogrammetry, mapping, and surveying.

But what is geomatic and the role of its services in the society of Calgary? Read on to discover more about geomatics.

What exactly is geomatic?
It is an applied science that involves gathering, integrating, managing, and analyzing geographical data.

Geomatics engineers employ various technologies for geography, law and commerce, development and planning, information systems, also land and land surveying, including laser, satellite, acoustic, and information technologies. In addition, computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Software Engineering are all components of Geomatics Engineering.

Geomatic applications
You may find geomatic systems in a wide range of applications, such as:

● Air navigation services
● Aeromagnetic surveys
● Airborne geophysics
● Survey for GIS applications and archaeological excavation
● Estimation of crop yields
● Land reform and management
● Oceanography
● Meteorology
● Environmental monitoring
● Infrastructure management
● Disaster informatics
● Land-cover mapping and classification
● Seismic Interpretation
● Parks
● Urban land monitoring
● Subdivision planning
● Coastal zone mapping and management

Geomatic technologies
The primary emphasis of geomatics is the technology, systems, and services related to collecting, analyzing, and administering geographic data. The relevant sciences and technologies are usually integrated into geomatics instruments and methodologies.

Lidar geomatics. Light Detection and Ranging employs light in by a pulsed laser to detect different Earth distances to provide exact, three-dimensional data on the Earth’s properties and shape.

Geomatics and surveying. Certified land surveyors assess, map, and create official borders inland, rivers, and airspace using satellite, 3D scanning, sonar, drones and software technologies.

Remote sensing. It studies monitoring reflected and emitted radiation to get information about elements or phenomena. Passive and active remote sensing equipment are the two main categories.

Location-based services. LBS are solutions focused on a mobile user’s geographic location as determined by the device’s location. LBS apps deliver services and information tailored to the user’s current location.

Geographic information systems. GIS is software and computer tools for collecting and analyzing data on geographic locations and their connections to natural and human activities on the planet.

Examples of geomatic services
Geomatic services in Calgary has a great deal of experience in the following areas and plays a significant role in many industries.

● Deformation control in dams, geothermal sites, and structural buildings for precise levelling.
● Engineering analysis
● Applications for GIS
● Control points set up and the development of the control survey system
● Property surveys for acquisition, leasing, and delineation of land.
● Infrastructure and facility mapping
● Toposurveys
● Audit of knowledge and information
● Implementation of records management policies
● Information materials preservation and conservation
● The emergence of information centres and libraries

A geomatic solution is one practical application in Calgary, from surveying a road, examining bridge components, reviewing a historic building, estimating material volumes, to adapting an existing structure.

Knowing these facts, you may now recognize the relevance of geomatics in various industries, which can undoubtedly help you locate the top geomatic services in Calgary for a given application.

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