Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

The popularity of 3D cone beams in the dental industry has grown significantly in the past decade. This is due to countless reasons, such as practitioners being able to plan patient treatment for a wide variety of clinical applications using 3D cone beam dental images and their associated 3D imaging software.

The technology of the CBCT machine has generally been consistent for the past decade. Leading manufacturers are indeed developing advanced features and software capabilities in order to stand out in the marketplace and attract new dental professionals; however, the core hardware and imaging options remain invariable.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the latest feature advancements in CBCT to get a full scope of what these machines can do for modern dental professionals.

FaceScan for Integrated Face Photos
FaceScan, which is an integrated face superimposition feature, is a unique way to produce both a realistic 3D face photo and a CBCT image with one scan.

FaceScan is an effective tool for both preoperative planning and postoperative comparisons. It works to fulfill the needs of maxillofacial and dental professionals alike while simultaneously taking the patient into account by not exposing them to radiation.

The FaceScan operates by plotting the patient’s facial surfaces during the time when the X-ray image is taken. The advantage of this particular feature is that patients will have a higher likelihood of understanding and ultimately accepting treatment recommendations more readily due to the clear prevalence of a realistic image of their face.

Artifact Correction
One of the greatest difficulties for dental imaging is patient movement artifacts. This is because when a patient moves during imaging, it produces artifacts that drastically depreciate the quality of the image or images taken. Fortunately, there is the feature of artifact correction available which is an algorithm that assists in correcting these issues. This algorithm cancels the effects caused by these movements, allowing clinicians to succeed with every image taken.

The feature is particularly beneficial when imaging patients who are restless or livelier, such as children, individuals with special needs, and elderly patients.

One sublime example of artifact correction is from leading manufacturer Planmeca. Planmeca now features their very own CALM artifact correction algorithm, which is included in all of their newest models.

Positioning Aids
Positioning aids are another excellent tool to assist in the elimination of scan errors due to patient movement. Automatic positioners work to determine the correct head inclination of patiences without a clinician’s help in order to obtain a usable scan. These positioners prevent motion blurring, which also allows for ideal image scanning.

There are certain positioning aids that feature other advantageous options, such as head fixation and stable handles. Both of these configurations provide patients with the proper support they require. Light localizers also effectively show the patient’s position in the volume.

Sirona’s Orthophos line of CBCT is an excellent example of a manufacturer using automatic positioning aids.

Surgical Guides
CBCT machines provide ample accuracy for creating surgical guides, especially when used for implant planning. Surgical guides for CBCT are designed to lessen errors and complexity, overall simplifying the dental implant process.

Most 3D imaging software offers a surgical guide tool that has the primary purpose of helping clinicians through the planning process within minutes. Color visualization of the nerve canal, the all-dimensional depiction of the bone structure, and other advanced features let the implant be optimally positioned to fit the patient’s unique anatomy.

Negative effects can be avoided through precise planning and placement with the help of these features, ultimately ensuring a high degree of both safety and longevity of implants.

Consider Renew Digital
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