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A restricted license sure is a step-up from a learner’s permit, but it’s still not the unrestricted, seemingly-special license and for good reason. The graduated driving license (GDL) laws are designed to introduce teen drivers gradually into the driving environment by limiting distractions such as other teen passengers and cell phone use. The laws also restrict driving at night until the teen has gained a lot of driving experience. The GDL laws in your state may allow you to drive alone under certain circumstances but that law may not apply in other states.

No one under 18

Most states only consider drivers eligible for application of the unrestricted license if they are over the age of 18. However other states, such as New York, prohibit unrestricted driving by anyone under the age of 21, even if they hold an unrestricted license in another state.

Each state’s DMV honors restriction put about by your state

If you receive a ticket in another state, your home state will be notified and your driving record will show the traffic offense just as if had been committed in your home state. Whatever points your home state applies to a particular offense will be added to your driving record. If you are caught violating the restricted driving rules of your state, you could be charged with driving without a valid license.

Double Trouble

If you commit a traffic offense in another state, you will have to pay the fines for that state and you will find that you will have points assessed in your own state. If the offense committed in another state puts you over the point limit in your home state, you could find that your license EU-Führerschein  has been suspended. If your license is suspended in one state, all other states will honor that suspension.

Holding a driver’s license, even a restricted one means being responsible and following restrictions put about by the driver’s state. If you plan to travel to another state, you can go to that state’s DMV web site and find out if your privilege to drive in that state will be more or less restricted. It is better to do the homework first rather than finding out too late by receiving a traffic ticket.

The National Safety Commission works to increase awareness of important safety issues, particularly those that deal with highway and traffic safety information. Our mission is to make consumers more vigilant and understand that “safety is no accident,” through education, quality traffic school online courses and outreach programs. Through our traffic safety blogs we promote defensive driving techniques, driver training and safety.

How to Get a Chinese Driver’s License

China is one of the few countries that do not allow foreigners to drive a car/motorbike using a foreign or even an international driving license. You have to apply for a Chinese driving license, but only have to do the theoretical exam.

Go to the responsible office for driving licenses in your city. You can ask you local PSB where it is.


  • passport photos – a lot, sometimes 7(!) are required
  • (temporary) residence registration from the local PSB
  • your foreign driving license
  • your passport
  • money: 290 RMB, The fee consists of 10 RMB for the actual license which is valid 6 years. 280 RMB allows you to do the written test. One repetition is included in case you fail the first time.

Procedure for Registration

  • Queue up on the reception counters
  • Get an application form
  • Fill the registration form (sometimes the application form is only available in chinese and must be filled in chinese, so you might want to take a chinese friend with you)
  • Hand the form back in.
  • Do a “medical examination”, which in fact only consists of an eye-check.
  • Pay the fee.

Procedure for doing the Test

  • Wait until someone guides you to the test room and give him the receipt you have received before
  • A computer will be appointed to you
  • Select one of the possible test languages: Chinese, English, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian
  • Do the multiple choice test which consists of 100 questions out of ~1000 within the time constrains of 45 minutes.
  • After you have finished the test, you will immediately see the result. You have passed it if it is equal or over 90%.

Preparing for the Test

In many bigger chinese cities are companies targeting expats that help you to prepare for the test. They usually point out some “hard questions” that might differ from common sense. It is however easy to find out yourself. You can download the questions from the government website for traffic control. Visit: http://8760hrs-fü

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