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When we think about health, we frequently hear the word “wellness,” – but what does it imply, and how can we tell if we’re genuinely well?

According to Dr Jay Feldman, Wellness is an active process in which individuals develop comfort and make decisions toward a more prosperous existence.

Dr Jay Feldman says wellness is an intentional, self-directed, and ever-evolving process of reaching one’s full potential.

It is multifaceted and holistic, covering way of life, mental and spiritual health, and environmental well-being. Wellness is uplifting and reassuring.

Every day brings opportunities to do what is best for your physical, emotional, and social well-being and to maintain the balance of these parts of your health.

Optimal health results through wellness, making decisions, and acting on reliable health information and healthy attitudes.

Dimensions of Wellness by Dr Jay Feldman

Well-being is a broad term, and each person’s route to well-being will be unique. Therefore, it’s critical to approach wellness comprehensively and seek balance.

Emotional, spiritual in nature, intellectual, physical, environmental, financial, occupational, and friendly are the eight aspects.

Each of these aspects of well-being can impact the general level of life. The eight parts of wellness consider not only a person’s physical health but also all of the variables which contribute to a person’s total wellness.

Continue reading to discover the eight aspects of wellness and how you may cultivate each of these regions in your personal life:


Emotional well-being is dealing with life’s challenges and forming rewarding connections with others. Listening to music, creating a favorite meal, playing with an animal, viewing a favorite movie or Television show, or engaging in a grounding activity are all beneficial methods to manage your feelings.


Spiritual wellness expresses your principles and faith, which aids in discovering a purpose and significance in your life. Spiritual health can be recognized in any way you like, whether in a community or yourself. Volunteering, reflection on oneself, contemplation, writing, prayer, time spent in nature, or performing tasks that inspire you are all ways to prioritize your spiritual wellness.


Intellectual well-being helps you to be imaginative and to put your knowledge and abilities to use. Take up reading or joining a book club, performing puzzles and playing challenging activities, studying an unfamiliar tongue or musical instrument, attending an informative speech or a podcast, or trying a new activity to keep your mind fresh.


Various variables contribute to physical fitness, including physical activity, proper nutrition, and proper sleep. A nutritious diet, a constant good night’s sleep, and regular physical exercise can all help to sustain physical health. Physical wellness can also be improved by avoiding detrimental behaviors to the Body’s health, such as drinking excessively or smoking.


The location you live – your house and daily surroundings – is linked to your environmental wellness. You can make your environment seem healthy and safe by decreasing clutter, keeping things organized and tidy, and making room in your house for essential items. You can also learn to grow or decorate your home to reflect your taste.


As per Dr Jay Feldman, Financial well-being is a sense of contentment with one’s financial condition. It may look different to everyone, but developing and sticking to a household budget is an excellent place to start regarding financial wellness. Save a portion of your money in a savings account if you can do so by recording and reviewing your expenditures and reducing back on unnecessary purchases. If you don’t know how to manage your finances effectively, get guidance from your support system or look into attending a money management class or seminar.


Occupational wellness involves a feeling of fulfillment with your job. It could include pursuing rewarding employment, which could be a full-time, part-time, or service position. Spending time on a passion that explains accomplishment also contributes to occupational wellness. If you are dissatisfied with your job, seek support from individuals close to you and make time for recreational activities that help balance work stress.


Spending time with relatives and close friends, engaging with coworkers, or joining a group or organization is all excellent methods to cultivate our social wellness. If you’re lonely or alone, try new things and get involved in community events to meet fresh individuals and create genuine relationships.

Dr Jay Feldman says developing new, healthier routines which promote our wellness goals and values may prove difficult. Still, it is essential to living a self-directed, healthy, and connected life. Investing the time and effort required building wholesome routines and routines can have enormous emotional and physical rewards.


Health is more than the absence of symptoms like pain or stiffness. True well-being and health occur when a person realizes their full potential.

Others may not have symptoms, yet they may have an underlying ailment that, if left untreated or ignored, can lead to disability, sickness, or even death.

As per Dr Jay Feldman, Instead of focusing just on discomfort, impairment, or symptoms as health markers, emphasizing wellness and good health helps individuals establish healthy lives, effective behaviors, and supportive attitudes.

A lot of the elements that influence health, known as health determinants, can be addressed by the doctor who treats you.

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