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Standard Format for Assignment

Formatting your assignments in university is important. The format makes your assignment look professional and earns you a good grade. Many students like you inquire about the standard format for writing an assignment in the UK. For your information, there is no standard format for assignment writing in UK universities. Every university has its guidelines when it comes to assignment writing. However, still, there are some common guidelines and formatting requirements that almost every student needs to follow regardless of his university.

Do you know what those standard formatting requirements are? Most probably not, because if you knew, you would not be reading this article. Well, in today’s article, we will discuss all those requirements in detail. First of all, let’s discuss the importance of following a format.

Why is it Necessary to Follow a Standard Format For Assignments?

The universities in the UK are very strict about assignment format. If the submitted assignment is not as per the provided formatting guidelines, you may lose some extra marks and secure a lower grade. This is just one reason why you should follow a standard format. Some other top reasons are given as follows:

  • The standard format makes it easy for teachers to navigate through your assignment.
  • The standard format for assignment writing creates a logical flow of ideas and thoughts
  • It keeps the assignment neat and organised
  • Lastly, the standard format communicates the ideas discussed in the assignment better

The Standard Structural Format of an Assignment

Before knowing the guidelines for formatting, you should have an idea of the structure of an assignment. UK universities often require an assignment in the format of chapters. The major structural elements of an assignment are as follows:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction (Problem statement, aims, and objectives)
  • Literature review
  • Research Methodology
  • Results & Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendices

A Guide To Standard Formatting Requirements For Assignments in the UK

The assessment and grading of your assignment are primarily based on its format. The more you follow the guidelines and regulations, the better assignment grades you will get. However, it is also a fact that there is no standard format for assignment writing in the UK. Every university has its guidelines and formatting requirements. Still, there are some things common. A brief description of common formatting requirements is as follows:

Assignment Cover Sheet

In an assignment, you are asked to include a cover or title sheet. It is also called the cover page of your assignment. When making the cover sheet, make sure that you include all the key information. For example, you should include your name, your institution’s name, the title of the assignment, and the name of your course instructor.

Assignment Title

The next formatting guideline is about the assignment title. As the writer, you must place your assignment title in the centre of the first page of your assignment. It should be bold in the font. Many universities in the UK also advise students to place the title on the left of the page. However, the requirement for making the title bold is common.

Stating the Word Count

The next guideline element of a standard format for assignment is stating the word count of the assignment. Many universities in the UK have a requirement for stating the word count you have written on the topic. So, you should write the number of words on the topic on your cover sheet. Don’t include the references in the word count.

Line Spacing

The next guideline is about the visual clarity of the assignment. Most universities in the UK specify the space you should have between your lines. Mostly, the standard spacing is 1.0. However, it can also be 1.5 or 2.0, depending on your university’s guidelines. Thus, look at the university’s guidelines first. If there is nothing about line spacing, then use 1.0.


All the assignments written at the university level are MS word processed, not handwritten. For visual clarity of the assignments, you should be very careful about the font style and font size of the text of your assignment. The standard format for assignments in terms of fonts is that you should use Times New Roman as your font style and 12 font size.

Page Numbering, Headers, and Footers

Numbering the pages of your assignment is necessary because it makes the assignment content more accessible. Depending on the guidance, you may be required to include the page number at the top or bottom of the page. The headers include the title of your assignment, and the footers include your registration number at the university.


A margin is the amount of blank space on each side of the paper. Universities also specify how much space you need to leave black on the sides of the pages of your assignment. The standard format suggests leaving a space of 1 inch on all sides of the assignment page. Thus, you must leave this much blank if no specific guideline is given to LinkedIn profile writing service.

Paragraph Indentation and Alignment

The next guideline is paragraph formatting. All the paragraphs in your assignment must be justified. They should not be left, right, or center aligned. As far as the indentation of paragraphs is concerned, you may be asked to indent it or may not. If you are asked to do it, then indent the paragraph by 0.5.


Lastly, there is the formatting of references. References are formatted and created using a particular style, e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago, or Harvard. Each style has its own guidelines. So, you should check the asked style in your formatting guidelines sent to you by the teacher and create references by following the guidelines of asked style. However, if you do not know how to make references in a particular style, get help from British assignment writing services.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, formatting an assignment as per the standard format for assignment is essential. It provides a logical flow to your ideas discussed in the assignment. In this guidepost, we have discussed the standard formatting guidelines and standard structure of an assignment. So, what are you waiting for? Read the whole article now and format your assignment accordingly.

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