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Stand Up Mylar Bags

Stand up mylar bags are a great way to protect your food items from the elements. Not only are these bags puncture-proof, but they are also durable enough to hold food items for a long time. Whether you are storing food for a picnic or a trip, these bags are a must-have item for your kitchen.

Printing surface

Printed Mylar bags are becoming popular as a promotional tool. They are lightweight, inexpensive to ship, and they are easy to use. These bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

The printing surface of stand up mylar bags is large enough to allow you to print a full-color logo or graphic. This makes it easy to get your brand noticed. You can also choose to include a personal touch by using a custom nozzle.

In addition, stand up mylar bags offer a wide range of options for custom printing. Some of these options include rotogravure, gravure, and flexo. Choosing the right printer can save you money and increase your visibility.

Custom printing is an important part of marketing and branding. It allows you to increase customer interaction and sales. A well-designed logo can make your product memorable in the market.

Whether you are a small business or a giant corporation, having the right printer can help you save money and reach more customers. Choose a reputable manufacturer to ensure that your mylar stand up pouch is of the highest quality.


Mylar is a type of film that is used for storage and protection of foods. This polyethylene film is durable and flexible. It is an ideal choice for long-term storage of dry food items.

Mylar is used in packaging, gift wrapping, and sealing for a variety of applications. In addition, it has a long shelf life.

The material is non-porous and offers a high level of puncture resistance. Mylar bags can be sealed using a vacuum sealer or heat sealer. They also offer a low rate of oxygen transmission.

Since they are lightweight, mylar bags are great for shipping. These bags are also great for preventing moisture damage to products.

Mylar is also a highly puncture-resistant material. Food-grade 5.4 mil mylar bags are perfect for protecting a wide variety of products. Generally, mylar bags have two layers of plastic on the inside and one layer of aluminum on the outside.

Mylar bags are available in different shapes and sizes. Stand up mylar bags are similar to standard flat button bags.

Long-term storage of food

Using Mylar bags for long term food storage is a good idea. Not only do these bags keep out moisture, but they provide a good light and oxygen barrier as well.

Mylar bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can buy bags that are perfect for storing a small family’s staple grains, or you can get bags that can hold five-gallon buckets of food.

The best foods to store are low in moisture and oil. For instance, whole grains like oats, wheat and rice will store well for years. However, brown rice, which has a high oil content, only stores for a few months.

Mylar bags can also be used as liner buckets. You can choose from a variety of sizes, and they are cheaper than plastic.

While Mylar bags are ideal for long-term storage, they do take up a lot of room in a bucket. Ideally, you’d like to find a way to maximize the space inside the bucket.

Low oxygen transmission rate

Mylar bags, also known as oxygen barrier bags, are ideal for storage. They protect food products from damage, while allowing for maximum shelf life. In addition, they can be a great solution for vacuum sealing.

Mylar is a polyester resin that is melted into thin sheets. It is then coated with aluminum to create a silver-like appearance. This metal coating enhances puncture resistance, improves the barrier properties and reduces weight. The result is a flexible surface with unmatched barrier properties.

Foods with high moisture content are not suitable for long term storage in Mylar bags. Similarly, food with oil content should not be stored in Mylar bags.

There are many other benefits to using Mylar for food packaging. These include an effective barrier, low oxygen transmission rate, tensile strength and electric insulating properties.

Mylar bags can be used to store food, seeds, coffee beans, nuts, grains and other dry foods. Depending on the product, the shelf life can extend to up to five years.

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