Tue. Jan 31st, 2023
rigid boxes

If you’ve looked at the title of this blog, you already know that Rigid box packaging and corrugated boxes are two of the most common types of boxes used in the packaging industry. People who don’t know much about boxes often use the terms for these two types of boxes interchangeably, but they are very different.

Let’s look at how these differences show up in the way they look and how they are used in general. When it’s time for your business to choose the right secondary packaging equipment, we hope that these tips will help you make the best choice possible.

Shipping cartons that aren’t as strong as rigid boxes don’t fold like rigid boxes do. Because of this, they are the best way to ship high-end items, like expensive electronics. You may also want to choose a rigid box if your product is heavy and needs more support.

There are different kinds of rigid boxes. Some look like hat boxes, while others are big enough to hold a pair of shoes. There are even rigid boxes that look like books and close with magnets. There are also designs that look like briefcases. Almost everything about which version you choose depends on what you plan to ship.

The Good Things about Rigid box packaging

 You can change the colors of the boards, the inside lining, the outside wrap, and other things to make these shipping boxes stand out. Who wants a subscription box?

The sturdy design also gives the products they are used to package an air of quality. This is a big reason why high-tech items like iPhones are often shipped in these Rigid box packaging. Not only are these boxes of good quality, but they are also simpler and more stylish than other types. If that isn’t enough, think about the different ways you could use the magnetic closures we talked about earlier. Why wouldn’t you like it?

How to Keep Corrugated Boxes Firm and Useful

Most people think these kinds of boxes are made of cardboard, but they are actually made of several layers of thick paper. Even more specifically, a corrugated (or fluted) sheet goes with at least one other layer of flat paper. Each new layer adds to the wall’s thickness, as you might expect.

Like best custom rigid boxes wholesale, corrugated boxes can be made in what seems like an endless number of ways. There are octagonal double-cover containers, display trays, and overlap slotted containers with a classic design.

What’s good about rigid packaging boxes?

Well, for one thing, they’re very light, which makes them easy to ship and move. Corrugated boxes are also easy to fold flat, which gives you more options, especially if you need to store a lot of boxes in a small space. They can be changed. They are good value for money. It is easy to recycle them. The list keeps growing!

What kind of packaging should we choose?

If you need to package something, choosing between corrugated boxes and rigid boxes shouldn’t be too hard. Just think about how your packaged goods will be moved. Think about how your business is different, as well as the size, shape, and quality of the product you need to ship. Think about how you’ll store your boxes when you’re not using them.

Once you know if you want a rigid or a corrugated box, you can look into the different kinds of subtypes that are available. All of this might sound complicated, but you only have to choose between one of two groups. If your business has the resources and products that need to be packaged, you could even do both.

Classic two-piece rigid boxes are often used to show off high-end items to customers. The lid and base rigid box has a separate lid and base that can be used to show off products in a stylish way in aisles or send products to subscriber’s influencers with a little more glam. These Custom rigid boxes are useful for getting customers excited about unboxing and saying good things about your brand. We have a wide range of two-piece rigid boxes in different styles and sizes that can be bought in bulk for any kind of event.


We make high-end rigid drawer boxes that are both stylish and strong. When a ribbon or thumb hole is attached to a tray, it makes it easier to pull the drawer out of the sleeve. Perfect for candy, supplements, and beauty products. Get the best Rigid box packaging for luxury items to make the unboxing experience more exciting. Send a message through the mail or put it on display with a unique way to open it. We agree with you that a great rigid drawer box will make a first impression that will last. 


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