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To enhance the health of the body, one piece of advice for you is to use slow speed j​uicers or fruit smoothies daily. The daily supplementation of necessary vitamins helps the body to be more supple, reverse aging, and effectively improve the skin. However, now you can completely create your delicious fruit juices at home by equipping slow speed juicers, which are both convenient and safe for your health.


Why buy a slow juicer at home? 

Should I buy a good slow-speed juicer, what function is reasonable?

The following article will help you answer these questions, let’s read the article!

1. Hongxin RH-312. Slow Speed ​​Juicers

First on this list is the Hongxin RH-312 slow juicer. With beautiful design, delicate colors, diverse functions, sturdy construction, Hongxin RH-312 slow-speed food press helps you cook more easily, a must-have product in every kitchen.

In addition, the product uses safe materials: Hongxin RH-312 uses stainless steel to make the body, ABS hard plastic for the tank and lid, so the product is a rust-resistant and more durable addition. Easy to clean, safe for users

Hongxin RH-312 works with a capacity of up to 15W, a large compartment, a capacity of up to 1.2 liters, so that the machine can squeeze more foods in a very short time, ensuring nutrients are not lost…

The puree function of the machine also allows users to grind hard foods such as peanuts, corn, … or frozen foods without having to defrost.

2. Savtm JE-07 Slow Speed ​​Juicer (Cheap)

In the low-speed juicer products in the cheap segment, you absolutely cannot ignore the Savtm JE-07 product.

With an extremely lightweight of only about 3.5kg, the modern and compact design is suitable for small families, young couples, and small kitchens. The machine works with a capacity of 150W, and the maximum rotation speed is 80 rpm, so that difficult-to-process fruits such as apples, guava, … can do it easily.

Save JE-07 slow juicer is manufactured with high-quality, durable materials. The machine can operate continuously for 30 minutes. An advantage of Savtm JE-07 is that the machine works extremely smoothly, does not make noise (below 45dB), does not affect people around when using the machine.

Save JE-07 is currently being sold on most of the e-commerce platforms at different very reasonable prices. You can refer to some exchanges such as Amazon, eBay, Target,…

3. Joyoung JYZ-V907 Slow Juicer

If you feel that the current slow juicer products on the market are sold at a high price, you can easily own a slow juicer Joyoung JYZ-V907 at a cheap price using a coupon on

 Using a completely different screw juicer technology, Joyoung JYZ-V907 makes a special impression on buyers. Especially with the eye-catching orange design, it also attracts the attention of housewives.

Joyoung JYZ-V907 slow-speed juicer operates with a maximum capacity of 150W, and rotation speed up to 75 rpm so that the food is completely squeezed out of juice without losing nutritional value.

Not only juicing fruit, but Joyoung JYZ-V907 can also make sausages, minced meat for ordinary blenders, extremely convenient. In particular, when you buy Joyoung JYZ-V907, you also get an extra set of sausage-making equipment.

Joyoung JYZ-V907 has a detachable design, users can easily clean it. High-quality plastic material is safe for users especially does not cause odor.

In addition, Joyoung JYZ-V907 is designed with a ceramic press core, a sharp blade that allows grinding frozen foods, a modern filter system, not letting excess residue fall into the finished product.

With the above functions, this is a product that you need to pay attention to when buying a slow-speed juicer.

4. Iruka I-52 Whole Fruit Slow Speed ​​Juicers – Should Consider

The Iruka I-52 slow-speed juicer has a beautiful design, the structure of articulating parts helps the machine work smoothly and efficiently, these parts can also be easily disassembled for cleaning.

In addition, Iruka I-52 is made from high-quality plastic, so users can be completely assured of the safety of the product.

With a small capacity, the Iruka I-52 slow-speed juicer allows users to grind and squeeze large amounts of food at once without having to cut it into small pieces like other common juicers. Iruka I-52 has a squeezing speed of 85 rpm and a maximum capacity of 150W that can squeeze out the juice from fruits and foods.

The filter system of the machine is modern, thoroughly filtered, and does not leave residue residuesso that users can enjoy delicious and nutritious cups of juice and smoothies.

In addition, the machine has a function to cut off the power when overloaded, very safe for users. The sturdy mill unit is often used to grind peanuts, beans, or corn.

5. Panasonic PAVH-MJ-L500SRA Slow Speed ​​Juicer (Recommended)

Panasonic PAVH-MJ-L500SRA is a very famous slow juicer at the present time not only for its many outstanding features but also for sale at an extremely affordable price. We think you should have a product like this in your home kitchen.

The Panasonic slow juicer is designed more specifically than many other slow juicers on the market: The long fruit feeder allows you to squeeze many fruits at once, the juice pipe has a convenient lid, the blade The knife is sharp, and the filter is designed with high-quality stainless steel so that after each use, the user can easily clean the machine.

With an operating capacity of up to 200W, the Panasonic PAVH-MJ-L500SRA presses food with high efficiency. Various functions such as grinding and squeezing are suitable for different foods, even frozen foods can be pureed.

Another advantage of the Panasonic PAVH-MJ-L500SRA is that the machine does not make noise, so it does not cause discomfort to others.

Panasonic PAVH-MJ-L500SRA is the slow juicer that is chosen by many families today. 

Don’t forget to search and use discount codes to save when shopping online for these products.

In particular, you can save a lot on big sales occasions depending on the time frame that the supplier offers.

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