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React Native has revolutionized mobile app development by allowing developers to create cross-platform applications from a single codebase. Because of its vast community and extensive component library, React Native has become a go-to framework for many react native app development company developers. However, as applications become more complex, performance becomes increasingly crucial. To solve this concern, Facebook introduced React Native Hermes, a new version with enhanced performance. However, before we begin, you should know the latest features and improvements in the React native version.

Here are some of the most recent features and enhancements in React Native versions:

  • Hermes:

Hermes is a new JavaScript engine designed to improve the performance of React Native applications. Despite the fact that it is still in development, it has already shown significant gains in startup time, programme size, and memory utilisation.

  • New Architecture:

React Native’s new architecture is meant to improve performance and make it easier to construct complex apps. The new architecture, built on the React Hooks API, allows for more declarative coding.

  • New APIs:

A number of new APIs in React Native make it easier to construct native-looking apps. These APIs include new elements, styling options, and APIs for interfacing with native APIs.

  • Tooling Improvements:

Recent releases have improved the React Native toolset. This version enhances the testing framework, debugger, and development server.

You just read the latest features and improvements in the React native version. You must be thinking about what react native hermes is and how fast hermes is.

What is React Native Hermes?

Native React React Native Hermes is a JavaScript engine created specifically for React Native applications. It is designed to reduce startup times, require less memory, and provide customers with a more dependable and seamless experience. React Native Hermes replaces React Native’s built-in JavaScript engine (JavaScriptCore) with its fast and effective engine. React Native Hermes can assist react native app development company developers with creating React Native applications that have faster startup times, less memory usage, and faster UI interactions.

How Fast is Hermes?

React Native Hermes is well-known for its speed and efficiency. It can achieve quicker JavaScript execution by leveraging AOT compilation and static type analysis, enhancing overall speed. Hermes’ actual performance can vary based on a number of factors, including the application’s complexity, device requirements, and unique optimisations provided by the developer. However, as compared to the default JavaScript Core engine, Hermes allows React Native applications to start up faster and give smoother user experiences.

You must be thinking about the features of react native hermes and their benefits.

React Native Hermes’ Key Features

  • Faster Startup Time:

One of the key characteristics of React Native Hermes is its ability to reduce application startup time dramatically. Hermes uses ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation during construction to convert JavaScript code into highly efficient bytecode. As a result, JavaScriptCore no longer necessitates the standard Just-in-Time (JIT) compilation. As a result, the software launches faster, providing consumers with a more responsive experience.

  • Memory Usage is Reduced:

Mobile devices frequently have limited resources, especially memory. React Native Hermes uses a more efficient garbage collection approach to reduce memory consumption. It employs a compacting garbage collector to reorganize memory, reduce fragmentation, and increase overall memory utilization. Hermes lets apps operate smoothly, even on low-end devices, by minimizing the memory footprint.

  • Smoother UI Interactions:

Developers may expect smoother and more consistent user interface (UI) interactions with React Native Hermes. Because of the enhanced JavaScript engine, UI updates and animations are executed more efficiently, resulting in a better user experience. This is especially useful for sophisticated apps with many UI components or animations.

  • Improved JavaScript Execution:

Hermes uses static type analysis to optimize JavaScript execution. Specific performance optimizations are conceivable that are not possible with the typical JIT compilation approach. As a result, JavaScript execution is faster, improving the overall speed of React Native applications.


The Advantages of React Native Hermes

  • Improved User Experience:

React Native Hermes improves the user experience by lowering startup time and memory usage. Hermes-based applications start up faster and respond to user inputs more quickly, increasing user engagement and satisfaction.

  • Improved Performance on Low-End Devices:

Low-end mobile devices sometimes struggle to perform resource-intensive applications. React Native Hermes was created expressly to address this issue. Hermes ensures smooth performance even on low-end smartphones by decreasing memory usage and optimizing JavaScript execution, broadening the possible user base for React Native apps.

  • Increased Development Efficiency:

Instead of focusing on performance optimization, developers can generate features and functionality with React Native Hermes. Because of the improved performance, react native app development company developers may spend more time boosting the value of their applications and less on refining performance.

  • Compatibility and ease of integration:

React Native Hermes is fully compatible with current React Native projects. It may be simply integrated into new or existing schemes, enabling hassle-free performance improvement without requiring large code modifications.


It is crucial to note that the actual performance increases obtained using Hermes may vary based on factors such as the complexity of the program, device specs, and specific optimizations done by the developer. Benchmarking and testing the application in various settings is recommended to evaluate the performance improvements brought forth by Hermes.


React Native Hermes is a game changer for developers trying to boost the performance of their React Native applications. Hermes provides developers with the tools they need to create high-performing apps that offer a better user experience by emphasising faster startup times, lower memory utilization, and improved JavaScript performance. The efficient resource consumption and increased UI interactions of React Native Hermes benefit both developers and users. Hermes should be considered for any React Native project seeking excellent performance due to its compatibility and ease of integration.


Finally, with its Hermes engine and AOT compilation capabilities, React Native Hermes provides a powerful solution for improving the performance of React Native applications, delivering faster startup times, lower memory usage, and smoother user interactions. Developers can read blogs and resources to learn more about Hermes’s benefits and implementation details in React Native projects. If you are, Consider making your mobile app. If so, an  Android app development company can help you.

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