Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

The iTero® Element lineup of intraoral scanners has historically been a top choice among dental professionals due to their speed, wide variety of applications, and ease of use. From restorative procedures to orthodontics, the latest models of the iTero Element continue delivering a superior digital intraoral scanning experience.

We interviewed the professional staff at Renew Digital, a leading reseller of dental imaging equipment, for clarity on the subject of the iTero Element intraoral scanners. The Renew Digital team has decades of combined experience working directly with dental professionals to find the best imaging technologies that fit their clinical needs. Utilizing a consultative and brand-neutral approach to dental imaging, Renew Digital is in a unique position to gather honest feedback from practices about their intraoral scanner technologies. Time and again, Renew Digital’s customers seem to prioritize the following qualities in an intraoral scanning technology: Speed, integration/ease of use, and cost.

Based on our interview with a Renew Digital professional, we have gathered some key information on these industry-leading solutions. In short, the iTero Element family is one of the most reputable IOS products in the marketplace today, especially in terms of operator and patient comfort, award-winning cloud software, intuitive design, and the overall customer support experience.

Operator and Patient Comfort

iTero Element intraoral scanners have been carefully crafted for optimal speed, accuracy, and portability. In terms of speed, one scan takes less than 1 minute per arch. Each scan is remarkably precise, has a high resolution (up to 25 microns for a single arch), and boasts a high level of accuracy. These intraoral scanners are all designed to be portable, which makes them extremely easy to move from location to location in a dental office. Customers can choose between a mobile cart configuration or a more compact laptop design for even greater flexibility.

Small wand tips are also a unique tool used with this scanner, which is created with an innovative design. The iTero Element’s small wand tip allows operators to scan by touching the scanning region directly instead of hovering over the scanning region as most other scanners require. This seemingly small advancement drastically improves patient comfort. Users love the increased freedom of movement and ease of capturing scans during exams.

The auto-calibration feature is another advantage of this scanner because it doesn’t require manual calibration between scans, leading to considerable time savings in comparison to other brands of intraoral scanners.

Cloud Software and Connectivity
The iTero Element scanners feature the award-winning My iTero cloud-based software platform. The iTero cloud software helps dentists and dental professionals in a number of ways. For one, scanning, storing, sharing, and exporting patient scans are all seamless. Secondly, visualization and communication of patient conditions and recommended treatment options are vastly improved because they can be accessed from any operatory. Lastly, with this software, you can export STL files to just about any lab or third-party application.

The My iTero platform, which offers open lab connectivity, makes iTero scans available in just a few short minutes and also permits exportation to the CAD software of your choice. Digital workflows can then be created and are simultaneously efficient and predictable with open scan files and chairside milling capabilities.

Support and Integration Teams
The dedicated iTero support and integration teams are truly second to none in the marketplace. Each purchase and activation with iTero, whether the systems are new or certified pre-owned, is managed by iTero’s dedicated team of onboarding and support staff.

With Renew Digital’s certified pre-owned offering, you receive 3 years of monthly subscription with your purchase, which includes service, support, and warranty. iTero also provides you and your practice with self-paced learning, interactive courses, videos, and other customized instructional support.

iTero Certified Pre-Owned Program
Renew Digital is an authorized distributor for iTero’s new certified pre-owned intraoral scanner program. When you purchase an iTero Element Flex Foundation Certified Pre-Owned intraoral scanner through this industry leader, you can expect comparable performance to a new unit in the same model. These models also come with software and a warranty for three years. Learn more about this exclusive program and savings by contacting Renew Digital at (888) 246-5611 or contacting them online.

For more information about intraoral scanners and Planmeca Promax 3d Please visit: Renew Digital, LLC.

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