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It groups all the printers available in each University office for administrative and academic use by employees and faculty. In this component, high-end multifunctional printing equipment from the SAMSUNG brand is used, such as the reference SL-M4580FX or M5370LX that provide the user with printing, photocopying, and document scanning functions. For ease of users, Follow-Me

technology has been implemented as part of the solution. that allows you, through an individual virtual print queue for each user, to send your print jobs and proceed to release them from any printing equipment connected to the solution, regardless of its location.

To make use of this solution, the employee or plant professor must have an active account or mailbox and an institutional identification card.

Some features of this service are:

  • – Confidentiality of printing jobs.
  • – Jobs are only released on the computers when the user is validated with his institutional card.
  • – The user can send multiple print jobs to the equipment and decide at the time of release which ones he wants to print or which ones he wants to delete or reject. Print jobs are valid for 24 hours once they have been sent to the printing solution, after this term they will be deleted from the system and must be sent again.
  • – The costs of printing jobs are automatically charged to the cost center (department/unit) of the employee or plant teacher. 
  • – Possibility of printing by multiple cost centers selected by the same user. This feature is used when the user, at the time of printing or copying, needs to upload his work to different cost centers selected from a list of cost centers. This functionality must be requested through the Service Desk (SERVIR-T), it requires the user’s immediate boss to send the data of the authorized person and the list of cost centers that can be used. This functionality requires the installation of software on the authorized user’s computer equipment. 
  • -Availability of detailed statistics by employee or department/unit of the consumption of printing, photocopying, and scanning of documents. The service is charged to each department/unit according to the consumption made monthly.

The cost of the service includes the provision of consumables for the copying near me equipment such as toners or cartridges and standard letter-size paper, as well as the maintenance of the equipment. Special type or legal-size papers must be purchased directly by the department/unit.

Recommendations for Use of the Service:

  • – Despite being considered an environmentally friendly practice, the use of “reusable” paper (previously printed) in printing equipment is not recommended due to the risk of jams, the presence of hooks, etc. that can cause irreparable failures or high maintenance costs in printing equipment. 
  • – The letter-type paper supplied by the University’s printing service should not be used for purposes other than printing and copying on SAMSUNG equipment, please do not remove it from the trays for other uses.
  • – Use color printing equipment only to release special print jobs that use colors. Using these devices to release non-color print jobs (monochrome only) increases printing costs. Use monochrome printers to free up normal print jobs.
  • – Take care of the equipment for your service, and avoid drinks and food near them.
  • – Handle the equipment carefully, especially the touch screen and the scanner/copier cover.

All the services of the Your Smart Printing solution of the University are operated by the provider COMPUFACIL SAS

Self-service printing, photocopying, and scanning of documents for students:

These are printing equipment located in strategic places on the Campus that allow University students to print, photocopy and scan documents. The student directly operates this printing equipment to generate their print jobs, validating with their card. The cost of the services used by the student is deducted from a money account that must be provisioned or recharged using the student’s institutional card at any of the University’s copy centers.

This self-service system has been implemented with very favorable rates for the student. The document scanning service is free on Self-Service equipment.

Self-service teams are currently in the following locations:


  • – Manuel Briceño Jáuregui SJ Building , on the 1st floor.
  • – Fernando Barón SJ Building  (southeastern side of the Campus), in basement 2.
  • – Gerardo Arango Puerta SJ Building (Faculty of Arts), on floor 4
  • – Gabriel Giraldo SJ Building, 4th floor.
  • –  PENTHOUSE Center, on the 5th floor. 


  • – Rafael Arboleda SJ building  (central eastern side of the Campus), on floor 1 and floor 4.
  • – Rafael Barrientos Conto Building  (Morphology – Medicine), on the 3rd floor.
  • – Alfonso Borrero Cabal SJ Library, on floor 2 and floor 3.
  • – Emilio Arango SJ Building (Central), on the 2nd floor.
  • –  Carlos Ortiz SJ Building  (Faculty of Sciences), on the 1st floor.

Use of Self-Service Printing and Copying for Students:

If you are a University student you can use the Self-Service Printing and Copying equipment located on the Campus.

To use this service:

  1. With your card and institutional username, go to any Copy Center or Javeriana Store to charge money to your account.

  2. To use Self-Service Printing, bring your card to the printing equipment, validate your entry, and then use the options you want (Print, copy, or scan). The system will automatically download the cost of the services used from your account. Remember that the scanner service is free of charge.

Use of Printing and Copying Self-Services for Students who are linked to the University as Employees:

If you are a University student and at the same time an employee, you must request an additional institutional credential (username and password) to use the Self -service printing equipment located on the Campus.

To use this service:

  1. Contact the Service Desk of the Information Technology Department  – DTI, by phone (1) 320 8320 ext. 5555 or register a case in SERVIR-T.

  2. Indicate in your application that you are a student and an employee and wish to use the University’s Printing Self-Services. Include in your application the academic program you are studying, your identity document number, full names and surnames, and institutional email address.

  3. The printing service will assign you a username and password for exclusive use in Self-Service Printing. The information about your new username and password will be sent to your institutional mailbox.

  4. With the assigned user name you can go to any University Copy Center or Javeriana Store to charge money to your assigned account.

  5. To use the Printing Self-Services, enter the equipment by typing the user assigned to you and your password and then use the options you want  (Print, copy, or scan). The system will automatically download the cost of the services used from your account. Remember that the scanner service is free of charge.

Copy Centers for teachers, employees, students, and visitors:

Four assisted copying centers have been established in strategic locations of the University, which allow the entire university community (employees, professors, and students) and visitors to carry out normal and special printing jobs at very affordable prices.

In these Copy Centers, users will be able to find printing, photocopying, scanning, and plotter services in different formats and types of paper, as well as special ring and ring services.

Plant employees and teachers can order internal printing and photocopying jobs at any of the Copy Centers charged to their cost centers (department/unit).

Copy Center locations:

Copying Center Emilio Arango SJ Building (Central).  Located in front of the Plaza de Banderas of the University, next to the ATMs, on the north side of the access to the stairs that lead to the San Ignacio hospital. 

Copying Center of the Alfonso Borrero Cabal SJ Library.  Located on floor 0 inside the Library.

Copy Center of the Gabriel Giraldo SJ Building, Located on the 1st floor (stair landing) of the Gabriel Giraldo SJ Building (south side of the Campus).

Copying Center Faculty of Theology: Located in the Pedro Arrupe SJ building, 1st floor, and basement (South Eastern side of the Campus), in the Mario Valenzuela SJ Library of Philosophy and Theology.

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