Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

In the world of social media marketing, Instagram holds a prominent position, allowing businesses to connect with their target audience effectively. Utilizing hashtags is a powerful way to increase visibility and reach on the platform. However, it’s not uncommon for Instagram hashtags to stop working, leaving marketers and businesses puzzled. In this blog, we, at Get Social USA, will dive into the reasons behind this issue and provide you with practical solutions to fix it. Whether you’re looking to buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram likes USA, our tips will help you regain hashtag effectiveness and boost your online presence.

  1. Understanding the Hashtag Issue:

Before we delve into the solutions, let’s explore why Instagram hashtags may suddenly stop working. Several factors could contribute to this problem, such as using banned or restricted hashtags, overusing hashtags, or being flagged as spam. We’ll break down each aspect to help you identify the root cause.

  1. Banned and Restricted Hashtags:

Hashtags that violate Instagram’s guidelines are labeled as banned or restricted. If you use such hashtags, your posts won’t appear in the associated feeds, resulting in reduced reach and engagement. We’ll provide you with useful tools and strategies to ensure your chosen hashtags are safe and relevant.

  1. Hashtag Overuse:

While using hashtags is essential for discovery, excessive use can backfire. Instagram might view your content as spammy, leading to hashtag suppression. We’ll guide you on how to strike the right balance and choose the most effective hashtags for your content.

  1. Shadowban:

Instagram occasionally employs a “shadowban” to restrict accounts that violate their terms and conditions. This ban leads to your content being invisible to users who don’t follow you. We’ll share tips to identify if your account is shadow banned and how to recover from it.

  1. Engagement Groups and Automation:

Participating in engagement groups or using automated services to boost likes and follows might seem tempting, but they can harm your hashtag performance. We’ll discuss organic and genuine methods to enhance engagement and grow your follower base.

  1. Creating a Hashtag Strategy:

A well-crafted hashtag strategy is crucial for your Instagram success. We’ll walk you through the steps to create a unique hashtag strategy tailored to your brand, industry, and target audience.

  1. Monitoring and Tracking:

Consistently monitoring your hashtag performance is vital to stay ahead of any potential issues. We’ll introduce you to various analytics tools to track your hashtags’ effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.

  1. How Get Social USA Can Help:

As a leading social media marketing agency in the USA, Get Social USA offers specialized services to assist you in overcoming hashtag challenges. From providing genuine Instagram followers to delivering authentic likes, we focus on organic growth strategies to maximize your reach and engagement.


Hashtags play a pivotal role in expanding your Instagram presence and reaching your target audience effectively. However, understanding the reasons behind hashtag issues and implementing the right solutions is crucial for success. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can fix hashtag problems and elevate your brand’s visibility on Instagram. If you’re looking to buy Instagram followers or buy Instagram likes in the USA, consider partnering with Get Social USA for expert guidance and real results.

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