Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

When your deck transitions from gorgeous to dated and unappealing, it’s time to start considering refinishing the deck. But it’s crucial to recognize the signals when the deck has to be completely refinished in between small repairs.

Your home’s outside will look fantastic with a gorgeously refurbished deck, and the wood will last longer as well.

What Indicates a Poor Deck?

Beyond merely looking awful, there may be other more pronounced issues that might be a strong indication that your deck needs to be revived.

Defective Ledger and Deck Frame

When you should be concerned about a decaying ledger board, solid beams, robust joists, and attractive aesthetics aren’t very useful. Before you can even begin to consider repairing or refinishing a wood deck, any faulty structure on the deck needs to be fixed.

Cracked or Split Boards

Deck boards that are split or cracked may be the first sign of a much bigger issue if left unattended. Before staining the deck, you must replace them. Checking to see if any boards are beginning to bow is a smart idea. The railing, posts, sills, and joists are also included in this. These might potentially split or shatter totally if a board is severely bent and you put a lot of weight on it. Replace those boards right now if you observe any of those indicators.

Flaking and Peeling Paint

Because the deck was not thoroughly power washed before re-painting, you may still have peeling or flaking paint even though it has just been redone. This frequently occurs when homeowners are rushing to fix issues in order to sell their houses. The deck should be completely scrapped before being power washed and stained if there is peeling and flaking.

Wood Appears Dry and Aged

Simply put, your wood deck looks awful. If your old deck has peeling paint or wood that seems dry and worn, deck repair or deck refinishing may bring back its beauty and make it appear like new.

Boards for splintering

As they expand with rain and water over time, wood fibers have a tendency to rise. Splinters may result from elevated wood fibers, which can happen often. Splintering is an obvious symptom of broken boards and may have allowed moisture to enter, which would have caused them to rot and develop mold. They will eventually collapse as a result of this deterioration.

Decayed wood (Mold & Mildew)

Look attentively at the boards for any signs of mold, mildew, or another fungus. The wood in your deck may decay even if it has been treated. Pay close attention to where each post contacts the ground, especially if your deck extends to the second floor. Before staining can be done, the boards must be changed if mold is visible on them. It’s time for a new deck if you see it on more than one of the support threads.

Raised screws and loose board screws

Nails sticking out of the boards is one of the most prevalent issues with deck repair. Due to normal use and the wood’s tendency to shrink in the cold and heat, nails frequently come out of wooden decking. Even though it may seem like a simple remedy, pounding them back down really compromises the strength of the deck. Additionally, they pose a serious threat to anyone who chooses to walk barefoot on the wood. Simply replace any elevated screws or loose screws that are present. Rehammering them is not advised. It’s time to replace them and get your deck refinished if there are numerous and the boards are beginning to split or break apart.

Discolored and fading boards

It’s time to refinish your deck if it seems drab, is fading, and has discolored boards. The wood might deteriorate over time due to the weather, traffic, and even cleaning chemicals or old stains like bleach. This covers bleaching brought on by ultraviolet light.

Soft and Spongy When Stepped On

Examine how the wood feels as you go around your deck. Your wood may have moisture problems if you see soft areas, bending, or even sponginess; in this case, the affected planks must be replaced. Often, you cannot see the deterioration that is occurring underneath the surface. In this case, the deck could also require total replacement.

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