Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

The model steel mill is one of the best steel mills in Pakistan. I am not only saying this, but I experienced it. I was looking for the best steel supplier so that I could buy it for the construction of my home. I was also working on my project at that time. I am working in a construction company as a manager and also as a trainer. I used to give lectures on different construction materials.

I was lecturing on steel mills in Pakistan to understand better the new employees about steel, its benefits and the companies that are at their best in manufacturing steel in Pakistan. These are the two main reasons to contact Model steel mills.

I visited many other companies also for my lecture and house construction, but the Model steel mill’s staff guided me in the details about everything. From the imports of scrap to the manufacturing and at the end to the laboratory and sale.

I wrote an email to them before visiting, explaining my designation and telling them that I was also searching steel for my home. So they replied to me soon and invited me to visit their factory.

I went there and met the CEO, Meher Kashif Younis, first. He is a great man indeed. After some introductory meeting, he called an employee of his to show me the whole factory. He guided me about the manufacturing of the products and their specifications which I will give you in detail later in this article.

Details about Model steel mill:

Model Steel has consistently developed the newest concepts and technology since it is the largest and most influential corporation. Production has begun at the two hybrid twin direct rolling mills introduced by the Model Steel business. These two plants are one of a kind and belong to separate plant species in Pakistan. While maintaining productivity and product quality to meet client expectations, Steel mills in Pakistan concentrate on their customers’ immediate and long-term needs. Thanks to the newest rolling mills, they may now produce all long steel products in a single plant


Model Steel is the only organization in Pakistan to manage the production chain properly. The firm offered Pakistan’s most extensive manufacturing line and product variety while maintaining cutting-edge technology, research, and high standards.

Model steel mills products and their specifications:

Model Steel, one of Pakistan’s top and biggest steel mills, has been operating since 1969 and offers premium building supplies. Model, a prominent Lahore-based steel company, is dedicated to providing top-quality building materials while considering its clients’ needs. In Pakistan, Model Steel is a significant business with the broadest and most important product selection. Such as

  • Angle Bar

Angle bars are frequently utilized as corner supports when constructing furniture, structures, or rooms.

  • Cold Twisted Bar

Model Steel Cold Twisted Bars are used for concrete reinforcement in homes, businesses, and industrial construction projects of medium to large scale. However, they are not employed in government projects. Model Steel billets with a low carbon percentage are used to make Model Steel Cold Twisted Bars.

  • Channel

Model Hot rolled, mild steel structural C shapes with inside radius corners are known as steel channels, and they are perfect for all structural applications, general fabrication, production, and maintenance. Steel Channel is frequently used in transportation equipment, truck beds, trailers, agricultural tools, and industrial maintenance.

  • Deformed Bars Grade 40

The primary use for deformed bars in grade 40 is concrete reinforcement in residential, commercial, and industrial smaller and medium-sized buildings.

  • Deformed Bars Grade 60

Steel deformed bars grade 60 are mainly used to reinforce concrete in homes, businesses, plazas, bridges, dams, skyscrapers, and industrial and commercial development, particularly government projects for medium and large-scale construction.

  • Round Bars

Significant applications for round bars include general engineering components, automotive, vehicle excel, coupling components, shaft spindles, turbine shafts, U bolts, heavy nuts, hollow and large embossing dies, deep drawing, and cold extrusion tools.

  • T Iron Bar

Fabrication and roof construction with girders are the two main uses of steel T-iron bars. Utilized primarily in small towns and rural regions.

  • I Beam Girders

The I Beam Girders Bridge is probably the one that is built and used the most in Pakistan.

  • Shaft

Steel shafts are primarily used in the engineering and industrial industries.

  • Wire Rod in Coil

Manufacturing steel wire in various gauges, screw nuts, nails, and other items are the primary uses of steel wire rods in a coil.

  • Ship Plate

This hot-rolled structural steel is straightforward to produce and has excellent weldability.

  • Billets

A metal segment known as a billet is used to roll metal into bars, rods, and sections. It can be directly produced or produced through continuous casting. Billets are used as raw materials or feedstock in extrusion, forging, moving, and other metalworking processes.

Model Steel, one of Pakistan’s most well-known and excellent steel mills, has a fully functional technical department constantly developing and improving high-quality steel bars. Every product has a unique feature and is made following the necessary standards.



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