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For centuries, the shadowy yet fascinating world has captured our collective imaginations. Although there have been many fictional depictions of such characters in literature and film, it can be easy to forget that these tales are rooted in actual events. Offering a unique glimpse into historical events and forgotten stories, the history of private detective work provides an intriguing insight into bygone eras throughout history – from ancient Egyptian tomb guardians up to modern-day security experts. In this blog post, we’ll explore the colourful past of private detectives across time and discover what makes this profession so alluring today.

What is a Private Detective, and What do They Do?

Private detectives, often called private investigators, specialise in investigating criminal and civil cases. Primarily hired by private citizens or businesses, these special agents conduct surveillance operations, do background checks, search for missing persons and facts, analyse evidence, and provide expert testimony in court proceedings. A typical workweek for a private detective may include
  • Reviewing police reports or witness testimonies.
  • Searching for records or documents relevant to a case from government sources or other vendors.
  • Interviewing potential witnesses and suspects in person or over the phone.
  • Performing surveillance operations via wires or listening devices.
  • They also offer protective services for vulnerable individuals such as VIPs.
Ultimately the goal of a private detective is to collect accurate and reliable information that may be presented as evidence in court proceedings.

How did the Profession of Private Investigator Begin?

The profession of private detective in the UK was an accidental by-product of the Industrial Revolution. Initially, civil investigations were conducted by professional law enforcement officers. Since the law enforcement officers were easily recognisable, they could not effectively pursue studies without creating suspicion. This made it necessary to employ discrete investigators who could work quietly and unseen – often former criminals who knew how to move around without drawing attention to themselves. They also had knowledge which proved helpful in investigating matters without alerting individuals or criminal gangs. As Detective agencies eventually grew in popularity and needed more staff, people with a good understanding of the law and crime began to specialise as private detectives. Their popularity remains strong today, with increasing demand for professionalised services such as security surveillance for businesses or other organisations.

What Does It Take to Become a Detective in the UK?

Do you know what it takes to become a detective in the UK? Becoming a detective in the UK requires hard work, dedication and sheer willpower. From an Inspector role within the police ranking system, aspirants must complete the necessary qualifications and skills Training before moving on to more prominent roles in public service. This includes completing the Detective Certificate of Qualification in Investigative Training, which consists of three modules over six weeks – each beginning with academic Training in criminal procedure, investigative techniques and applying legislation. The remainder of the course focuses on honing practical investigation techniques before candidates can take their final exams. Candidates must also be good record-keepers and dedicated to researching cases intensively. With this solid foundation, detectives can expect to work on more severe investigations as they progress through their careers – ensuring justice is served efficiently and impartially.

Famous Cases that Private Detectives Solved in the UK

2022 was an eventful year in the United Kingdom regarding private detective work. Two famous cases were solved, one involving the disappearance of a prominent Scottish businessman and another focusing on a significant embezzlement scandal.
  • In the first case, a missing persons specialist was called upon to locate the business mogul and uncovered a skill he had taken away against his will. Then, through several months of dedication and determination, the detective managed to identify his captor and return him home safely.
  • The second matter involved pinpointing evidence of corporate fraud, which only a trained investigator could have done.
The detective followed leads and tracked down bank accounts, recovering stolen funds and ensuring justice for all involved. Thanks to these two cases, private detectives proved their worth as invaluable resources for helping authorities bring criminals to justice.

Famous Detectives Throughout History

The United Kingdom has a proud literary tradition of detective stories, while Sherlock Holmes, created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, remains one of the most famous fictional detectives. But there is also a rich history of real-life detectives throughout British history. From Jonathan Wild, historically known as ‘thief-taker general’ in the 18th century. 19th-century Victorian Hercule Poirot’, and Inspector Charles Frederick Field from Scotland Yard; these formidable men and women have used their wits and grit to protect their country and uphold the law. Indeed, these brave individuals are part of an important legacy for all future generations.

The Future of Private Detective Work

The future of private detective work looks to be a complex one in this ever-changing technological landscape. As highly accurate video and audio recording devices become increasingly easier to get hold of, detectives will require unique skills to use these devices when surveilling criminals or suspects. It will also be necessary for investigators to stay up-to-date with the latest technology to effectively use initiatives such as facial recognition software and big data. At the same time, more traditional methods of investigation are likely to remain functional, such as investigations carried out in person and physical searching of premises. Professional private detectives can look forward to continued success with the right balance between traditional methods and the modern technologies available.


Private detectives have been an essential part of society since their inception. Although their work is often shrouded in mystery, these dedicated professionals help solve crimes and serve the community. If you’re interested in learning about the history of private detective work, check out our blog. Thanks for reading!

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