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stainless steel

A business that focuses on the selling and distribution of steel goods is known as a steel distributor company. Steel bars, sheets, plates, pipes, tubing, and structural forms are some of these goods. They purchase steel from producers and mills and resell it to clients in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, and construction. Additionally, they offer value-added services including painting, bending, and cutting the steel to match client requirements. By offering a variety of steel goods and services, steel distributors assist in bridging the gap between steel producers and end users.

Firms in Ludhiana that distribute steel probably do a wide range of jobs, like:

  • Purchasing steel products from producers and mills: They collaborate with various steel producers and mills to buy steel products in large quantities and then resell them to clients.
  • Keeping steel items in storage and warehouses: They have facilities for keeping the steel products they buy in storage until they are sold to customers.
  • Cut and shaping steel products: In order to suit the unique needs of their clients, they may offer value-added services like cutting and shaping steel products.
  • Steel product sales: They make steel available to clients in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, transportation, and construction.
  • Importing steel products: In order to provide a greater selection of goods and to satisfy the demands of their worldwide clients, they may import steel products from other nations.
  • Offering Coating Services: To prevent rust and corrosion on steel items, they could offer coating services.
  • Steel product delivery: They can arrange for the delivery of steel items to client sites or storage facilities.


For cutting and drilling tools in particular, High Speed Steel (HSS) is a type of tool steel that works well. HSS is often used for things like:

  • Tools used to remove material from a workpiece include drill bits, end mills, and other cutting tools. HSS is frequently used in the manufacture of these tools.
  • Twist drills: For twist drills, which are used to drill holes in a variety of materials, HSS is a well-liked option.
  • Tools used to thread screws and bolts include taps and dies, which are frequently made of HSS.
  • Saw blades: HSS is also employed in the production of saw blades, especially those designed to cut metal and other tougher materials.
  • Tools for lathes, such as turning and boring tools, are made of HSS.

HSS is a material that works well for cutting and drilling because of its reputation for maintaining a sharp edge at high temperatures. High Speed Steel Ludhiana is a well-liked option among tool makers and machinists because it is also reasonably affordable and simple to locate.

There are a range of disadvantages to High Speed Steel (HSS), such as:

  • It is not as tough as some other varieties of steel, such carbide.
  • It is not as resistant to abrasion as other kinds of steel.
  • It is more vulnerable to breaking and chipping.
  • It can lose its hardness at high temperatures because it is not as heat-resistant as other varieties of steel.
  • Compared to other forms of steel, it is more expensive.
  • It is not as resistant to corrosion as certain other kinds of steel.
  • High-pressure or high-impact applications are not appropriate for it.
  • Harder materials like ceramic and some alloys cannot be cut with it.

In general, the finest steel distribution firm is one that provides a broad choice of high-quality steel products, aggressive pricing, and top-notch customer service. They should also be well-known in the field and have a track record of satisfying the needs of their clients while also delivering on time. Among the best steel distributors are Russell Metals, Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., and Samuel, Son & Co. Your unique demands and preferences will ultimately determine the finest steel distribution firm for you, so it’s critical to conduct research and weigh your options before choosing one.

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