Sun. Mar 26th, 2023
Monster Jacket for dog

Social media lovers love to post pictures of their pets all dolled up and looking inspiring. People watching these pictures also feel the urge to do the same. But one question stops them, “is it okay if I dress up my dog?”

Clothes were made for humans. Animals don’t need to cover themselves up as they can roam around anywhere freely. However, some clothing items can even go to the pet’s benefit, such as a monster dog jacket. Let us find out when it is okay to dress your dog.

When it is Okay to dress up your dog 

  • The weather demands 

The most prominent reason is the cold weather. Animals also feel cold, and some can’t survive the heavy snow in extreme weather. For this, you can wear pet wool clothes like jerseys and jackets.

Some dogs have heavy furs and may survive extreme weather without worry. Others, however, require covering up. You can use hats, a monster dog jacket, or a doggy sweater to help them. Older dogs are also more prone to getting cold and thus require a cover-up.

  • After a medical procedure 

Some veterinary procedures ask you to cover up the treated area. You can put clothes depending on the target area in such a situation. For example, socks for foot-ankle procedures. Covering up surgical areas may also promote healing.

  • During illness 

Just like humans need to cover up when ill, animals also require covering. It provides them warmth and relieves signs of their weakness. This technique works great in containing contagious skin infections.

  • To help a nervous dog. 

Some dogs feel nervous around strangers or other dogs. Some may also be anxious about certain things or areas. If that’s the case with your buddy, you may try and dress him up before going outside. Coverings relieve anxiety and nervousness among pets.

  • For photoshoots or family portraits 

If you have a family wedding or any special occasion where you want to include your dog in your family pictures, you may dress him up. But make sure the shoot is quick, and the outfit is comfortable.

  • For special events or holidays 

It is fun for every family member to dress up for Christmas, Halloween, and other events. So why not dogs? There are many holiday-specific dog costumes available that you can purchase and dress your dog per the event. Anyhow, ensure that the clothes are comfy and your dog feels comfortable walking and playing in them.

Signs when the dress-up is not recommended  

If your dog is okay with clothes and remains similarly playful, there is no harm in dressing them. However, if he behaves differently, there might be some problems. Remove the clothes right away in such conditions.

  • If your dog feels irritated 

Dogs are comfortable as they are. They do not need clothes to boost their self-confidence, look good, or make an impression among their fellows like humans. When you dress up a dog, he might be irritated because he is not used to such things.

  • If he can’t properly eat or sleep in the costume

We know we like to dress up our pets for holidays or family occasions. Some people buy complete Halloween or wedding costumes, covering them from head to toe. This can be difficult for the dog to clean himself or sleep in. Such costumes that limit the movement of your furry baby must be avoided at all costs.

  • If they look embarrassing 

Even if your dog is okay with the costume, it can still be wrong to dress him up like a clown or any other embarrassing costume to entertain your guests. Dogs understand emotions. If people laugh at them, they might lose their self-esteem. So, never dress your dog in an embarrassing costume just to attract attention.

Take Home Message

Pet don’t usually “require” clothes. They can function just right without anything on their bodies, unlike humans. However, some conditions demand covering up your pets like after surgeries or in cold weather. You can cover your buddy up with a monster dog jacket or jersey when going for walks.

However, if he feels uncomfortable, stiff, or embarrassed, remove the costume immediately. You can buy comfortable clothes from reliable brands like My Doggo Store to minimize the chances of discomfort.


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