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International Shipping Packaging Tips: What To Look For


With the rising international trade agreement between the major world economies and the growing e-commerce industry, the trends in international shipping have been taking a sharp transformative turn. As regional brands and companies continue to expand their global outreach, the influx of global commodities is consistently rising, putting more emphasis on the optimization of several elements of global shipping. 


Packaging plays an integral role in international shipping, as it helps in safeguarding the entire safety of the consignments during long-distance shipping. It also ensures compliance with cross-border shipping regulations and meets the standards of the importing country. Proper packaging can also help streamline the customs clearance process and reduce delays at the port of entry.


How various norms of packaging in global shopping are drastically changing and what are the various tips that can be considered for safe and reliable international shipping packaging, this blog will address all your queries and concerns.


Tips for International Shipping Packaging


When it comes to cross-border shipping, packing and packaging are of significant importance. To ensure the absolute safety of your products from one destination to the next, there are a few tips you should keep in mind.  


  1. Products must be prepared to withstand diverse stress and environmental conditions: Good packaging is critical when it comes to international shipping. The journey of a package from its origin to its destination includes various transits, each exerting unique stress and demands on the contents of your package. To ensure that your product arrives safe and sound, use strong corrugated boxes with sufficient cushioning in the form of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and/or other protective packaging materials.  


  1. Verify The Permitted Size And Weight: Before packing your products for an international shipment, it is important to review the customs requirements for size and weight restrictions of the company, depending upon its geographical location. Some countries have higher limits than others, so make sure that your package does not exceed these standards in order to avoid any delays in shipment. 


  1. Keep Internal Packaging And Taping In Mind: The internal packaging of your products is just as important as the outer packaging. Properly wrapping individual items with bubble wrap can help protect them from accidental jerks and damage. Additionally, make sure to use quality adhesive tape to securely seal boxes before shipping. 


  1. Evaluate Customer Feedback: After a shipment has been sent, it is important to evaluate customer feedback. This can provide you with valuable information on how the overall shipping experience was and if there were any issues encountered along the way. With this knowledge, you can then make adjustments to your packaging process to ensure that future shipments arrive safely and on time.


  1. Avoid Overfilling: Make sure that you don’t overfill your packages, as this can pile up the weight of the consignment, causing severe damage during the transit process. Additionally, always double-check the weights and measurements of each package before shipping. 


  1. Use Proper Labeling: To ensure that your shipments are delivered correctly, make sure to properly label all packages with the recipient’s address, as well as any customs forms or other paperwork required for international shipments.


  1. Securing Your Package: Once you have finished packing and labelling your package, it is important to secure it properly before shipping. Use superior-quality adhesives to secure all seams and corners of the box, leaving no room for atmospheric moisture to enter. Additionally, add extra security features such as straps or locking mechanisms to further secure your package against tampering.


Role of 3PL in International Packaging


A good shipping service provider plays a crucial role in international shipping. A reliable shipping partner is essential for guaranteeing quality packaging, accurate documentation and timely deliveries.


NimbusPost is a reliable logistics and shipping aggregator in the business, which provides global shipping, warehousing and fulfilment services across 196+ countries, at reasonable shipping prices, starting just at ₹215/50gm, along with hassle-free custom clearance. The company provides efficient API integration with 8+ e-commerce marketplaces and platforms and collaborates with 16+ leading global shipping providers to offer a diverse range of services to a wide range of e-commerce businesses.


Through its extensive network of global courier partners, NimbusPost has the potential to provide services like customs declaration and clearance, cargo tracking & tracing, door-to-door delivery arrangements and more. Furthermore, they are also able to provide a wide range of packaging materials and services such as shrink-wrapping and strapping.


Additionally, it is a great shipping partner for understanding the risks associated with international shipping and has the necessary expertise to handle insurance claims on behalf of its customers. Through its commitment to quality, it ensures that goods are delivered in the most secure and cost-effective manner.


Understanding the nuances of global trade, such as import and export regulations, documentation requirements, customs clearance and taxes, it provides the best end-to-end services that guarantee compliance with applicable laws. To know more, visit NimbusPost.



By following these international shipping packaging tips, you can ensure that your products arrive safely and on time at their destination. With the right strategy and research-driven decision-making, you can build a good reputation within your customer base and meet their expectations throughout their journey with your brand. 


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