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Infertility In Males

The sexual aspects of both genders are largely governed by the play of hormones, the play of hormones is what decides on the sexual aspects of an individual, and the need theory, the reason why men wish to be more governing with their role in a relationship is basically due to the role-play of a hormone known as testosterone, it is the testosterone hormone in men that helps them have characteristics like having a mustache, beard, broad shoulders, etc.

 But how is it possible for someone who is weight lifting loads of weight, and has bulky muscles to have an issue of infertility? Let us understand this using an example, just the way the outer color of the fruit does not determine the intrinsic sweetness similarly the outer physical characteristics of a man do not imply the ability to impregnate his women.

 Let us understand the factors that tend to affect men and the issues of infertility.

 Infertility issues in Men 

 The most common infertility issues in men are as follows let us understand them in detail

 Problems with sexual functions like erection and ejaculation – the most common problem with men that happen because of infertility the earliest causes of that include problems in erection, ejaculation, and also problems in mating.

  1. Pain or lump or swelling in the testicle area – A very well-known doctor at an IVF Centre in Punjab explains “The immediate conclusion when it comes to swelling or lumps in the testicles should not be that the person suffers from testicular cancer, there can be several reasons for lump or swellings in the testicles one of the major reasons being poor hygiene, or even lifestyle changes. Lumps can also be the reason why blood traveling from the testicles tends to pool up in the veins and thus leads to the formation of lumps or swellings.
  2. Gynecomastia – Gynecomastia or swelling in the chest area and development of what we know as man boobs are one of the major reasons for the rise of infertility issues in men.

Cure for infertility issues in Men

  1. Surgical operation – The cure for infertility issues in Men is when there is a lump in the testicles and when after a specified period of medication the person is not able to cure the lump in his testicles then that is when after a period of tests the doctor will suggest for a surgery.
  2. Treating infections – Any kind of infection in men occurring due to unprotected sex can also be a reason for the increase in infertility issues among men.
  3. Hormonal treatments and medications – In the case of hormonal treatments and medications the person can be treated using medications and also injections to stabilize the levels of medication that can be later on used during the process of mating. The hormonal injections will tend to boost normal sperm levels and not cause any kind of side effects.
  4. Assisted reproductive technology – assisted reproductive technology r IVF is one of the chief ways to combat problems related to infertility, in this procedure the sperm is collected artificially and then implanted into the female’s eggs, and then the mating happens outside the physical boundaries of the body and then it is planted into the uterus, in simple words, it is also called IVF.” Explained an IVF specialist who has been conducting a lot of laparoscopic surgeries in Ludhiana.

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