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Summary: The following guest post provides brief information about wrestling rules and important tips so that you to learn wrestling. There is a professional team who can help to understand wrestling and help to pursue a career in wrestling.

The wrestling contest is a match between two opponents facing each other squarely, gripping each other’s hands, and pinning the opponent’s arm down to be declared the winner.

The following rules must be followed to promote even competition at all times:

Before starting any match, shoulders must be in line with the tables and must not go past the center. It may be allowed close proximity with the fist, but contact will not be allowed. The same goes for the body which is not allowed to touch the hand. A foul will be given with a restart upon contact with the position already gained.

  • The match starts with a “Ready…Go!” with varying cadence. Before the go, a competitor may use only one finger for the purpose of the hand grip. After the signal, both feet can come off the ground for better positioning. A false start will be considered a foul.
  • Replica wrestling belt are allowed if a competitor’s belt line is below the tabletop.
  • To win is to force or pin the opponent’s hand in the touchpad. Also, forcing your opponent’s fingers or wrist into the pad will constitute a pin.
  • If a slip occurs due to an intentional breakup of the grip, the match will be restarted and a foul will be given. The match will be forfeited upon earning the third foul. But if a situation happens when a competitor is in a clear losing position, the referee will award the match to the opposing party.
  • In case the grip breaks apart, both hands will be strapped back together.
  • A match can be stopped if somebody’s arm is in clear danger of getting hurt. It can also be awarded to the competitor with the hurt arm the next time that arm is placed in danger.
  • When a pin is achieved, both competitors must remain intact with the peg.
  • If an elbow gets exposed out of the pocket and position is gained, a foul will be given and a restart. In the same situation with no position gained and the elbow getting back to the proper position, then the referee will only impose a verbal warning. Also when a pin is made with the elbow out of position, then the match will automatically restart and a foul will be given.
  • Until the referee grabs the gripped hands in the center to signify the end of the match, both competitors should not stop competing.
  • Bad conduct will not be tolerated and will be subject to a disciplinary foul.
  • Last but not the least, all of the referee’s decisions is considered final.
  • It is an art that houses dozens of styles beneath its umbrella. While there are genres of painting such as romanticism, abstract, and impressionism, the grappling community has its own too.
  • Unfortunately, 90 percent of those guys never even made it to blue belt.

Before participating in any Arm wrestling match, it’s very important to understand firsthand the rules. This way, unnecessary injuries will be prevented and the game will be enjoyed by everybody.

Favorite wrestling technique Greco-Roman style

The first most popular technique is freestyle wrestling, which is well-known across the world and is seen even in amateur wrestling. This involves the use of legs for offense and defense, and the victory depends on whoever pins his opponent effectively on the mat.

The wrestling belt technique is the Greco-Roman style, which is also the oldest technique in wrestling history. This style strictly prohibits holding one’s opponent below the belt and also does not allow the active use of legs. The way of winning is also by pinning down one’s opponents, and recent changes have allowed high-amplitude throws.

The third technique is beach wrestling, which was adopted as an official discipline in 2004. It is practiced on a circle filled with sand, with the condition of winning being able to toss one’s opponent out or putting him on his back.

These are the three most popular techniques in wrestling, all of which have thrilled audiences to no end with their matches. A lot of people are underestimating the intricacy of the sport of wrestling some even go out and say that it is a gay sport because of the fact that guys roll around in tights and roll on top of each other. But the truth is, wrestling is a show of a human chess battle where in each opponent try to capitalize on every opening possible in hopes of locking in a submission.

Serious you want the experience to be

There’s no right or wrong in terms of anyone’s commitment level to mixed martial arts; everyone has a different goal. Some aspiring fighters dream of glory, competing worldwide in combat at the highest levels; some fight for lucrative paydays; others simply want a club that lets them release stress, stay in shape, meet people and have fun. It helps to know exactly what you want to accomplish before you start your search for the perfect gym.

Range of training wrestling offers

MMA gyms can vary greatly in the types of training they offer. For instance, some gyms focus on recreational training while others are geared towards competition. Some MMA gyms feature both. Ideally, you’ll want a gym that offers a rich experience for both amateur and advanced mixed martial artists. That way, you’ll continue to grow and improve under one roof.

Secondly, you should examine the range of styles and disciplines a gym offers. Some may specialize in Muay Thai or boxing; others may train grapplers who combine Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling; perhaps the most popular gyms today are those that teach a combination of striking and grappling disciplines –true mixed martial arts.

Find out who is teaching you

Some MMA gyms talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk with accomplished and decorated instructors. If your goal is to one day fight professionally, you’ll need to learn the right way to fight and train with top-notch and battle-tested instructors that have been there. To be the best, you need to learn from the best. Knowing something about your potential instructors beforehand is a big help.

If they claim to have professional MMA fights under their belt, search them out on MMA databases such as, or see if they have their fights posted on YouTube. Still have questions about their claims? Make sure they’re members of a sanctioned governing body.

Further, if they make impressive claims, ask their governing bodies for proof. For example, your local amateur boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and other associations will happily confirm the validity of an instructors claims.

Learn about the facilities

Not all MMA gyms are created equally. Some offer no obligation trial classes, others do not. Some provide large impersonal classes. Others offer smaller classes with more one-on-one personal instruction. Visit and compare various gyms’ facilities. One may offer different services and equipment than another – and that can affect how much you spend on your membership and training.

Ideally, you’ll find a gym that suits your schedule and individual needs. All things being equal, it’s the level of instruction that should be considered first and foremost, not the complimentary towel service. You’ve probably seen the big sumo wrestler suits at fairs and carnivals. In western culture, sumo wrestling has a comical reputation.

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