Fri. Sep 30th, 2022

With the new year, there should be some new changes happening in your day-to-day life. And what is better than your vehicle? With the change in a year, you should not repeat the same mistakes rather get them corrected.

Keeping your vehicle up to date can be your new year’s resolution in 2022. If your vehicle is not MOT Reading approved, you need to get the test done as soon as possible.

The MOT is an examination that tests the roadworthiness of your vehicle by inspecting various parts and performing different checks on it. MOT stands for the Ministry of Transport that needs to be performed annually. If we go back to its history, it was initiated by the European Government to ensure road safety and environmental standards. The test used to be performed only once in ten years which made it a long-lost test.

With the increase in dependency on cars, the demand for vehicles and use of tyres has increased which cannot be prohibited or stopped in any case. To maintain the standards of road safety and environmental conditions, the test was made mandatory for every vehicle every year.

If you are living in the UK and have a vehicle with no MOT certification, dear you are in great danger. First of all your vehicle is not properly maintained and secondly, you do not have annual certification which can make you a criminal in the eyes of law. Just for you know, the MOT test is a legal requirement that is performed under government associations to maintain the standards of the test. So, if by any chance you are caught with no certification, you will be deemed for punishment.

– A fine of 2500 pounds can be made as a penalty

– Your licence will be banned and your vehicle will be prohibited to be driven

Thus, for the well-being of your vehicle and to save time, it is suggested to get the test done on time.

Certain questions need to be answered with respect to the MOT test that most motorists are confused about –

Is the MOT test for new vehicles as well?

If you recently bought a new car, your vehicle is in proper shape, all the internal land safety parts are working perfectly. Since there is no damage in your vehicle, it will not be deemed to get the tests done.

Once your vehicle turns three, getting its MOT test will be necessary. So, until three years, you should maintain the vehicle properly so that it doesn’t get damaged.

What are the parts that are checked in the MOT test?

There are various parts of the vehicle that are checked separately while performing MOT tests and also there are parts that are not checked.

For those parts that are checked, individual tests are performed on them to record their working functionality. If any part is found faulty, your vehicle will receive a failing certificate.

Tyres- The most significant part that needs to be checked. The tyre type, tread depth, wear and tear, tyre condition, wheel alignment and balancing, tyre rotation, and rubber condition of your tyres are checked. Since they provide optimum safety, they are responsible for most of the functionalities while driving. They need to be in proper condition if you are driving.

The tyre is one of the biggest reasons for failing the MOT test. It is observed that more than 30% of the vehicles fail due to poor tyre conditions.

So, if you need to pass your MOT test in one go, it is suggested to get the service and tyre repair already.

Parts like windshield, doors, window, every light in the vehicle, suspension are also inspected.

Brake – The braking system of your vehicle must be on point. If the braking distance is increased then there might be some fault in the system and you might fail at the MOT test.

Cleanliness- It is yet again an important factor. Although you might think, cleanliness is not essential but to stay healthy, the interior of the vehicle must be neat and clean.

What if you fail your MOT test?

If by any chance you fail at your MOT test you will have to get the test again after you fix the fault. For instance, if there was a fault in your brake system then you will have to get the brake repair reading and then an MOT retest. By getting a good car service before your MOT you will see significant changes in your vehicle.

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