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The world is flooded with different kinds of online games. A rough estimation says that there are more than 2.96 Billion active games available in the world, along with 3 Billion gamers. This report also believes that the number of gamers can reach 3.32 Billion by 2024. Source: gaming-statistics

We cannot deny the fact that gaming is a profession as well. Therefore, it is important to sustain in the crowd of 2.96 billion games is not easy. However, game development services rely on the power of storytelling in gaming.

If you are an indie game developer and use unreal or unity 3d game developmentyou can incorporate Storytelling in gaming. It will help you to improve your perspective on gaming. Also, it creates an experience and learning along with more clarity about the game and instruction.

The benefit of storytelling in gaming

According to a recent study, non-violent video games that make use of such storytelling have socio-emotional advantages that could eventually help treat clinical disorders like autism. Storytelling is a technique used in video games to elicit player engagement and help them decide what to do next. On his skin, the player experiences the entire narrative as it happens. Videos or animations can be used to tell stories in video games, and player interactions and dialogue are often included as well. Source: eurekalert

Players must advance as the story goes on in role-playing video games because the plot is the main focus. Platform games are examples of games where storytelling is less overt. While there is a general plot and a task to complete, the emphasis is on the player’s ability to advance through as many levels as possible.

Outlining the characters is a useful technique for using storytelling in video games. Players will learn the gist of the game from the characters through what they do and say. Additionally, players can develop emotional attachments to the characters and draw inspiration from them for things they want to do in real life thanks to transmedia and storytelling.

Consider the well-known Netflix series Lucifer as a simple example. Imagine a game developer turning this well-known series into an online game. Fans of the series who have already watched it would like to give it a shot. Additionally, people will stay interested if the game has characters that are similar to those in the series. As a result, storytelling in gaming is crucial.

Best storytelling in games

Storytelling is so engaging that some gamers only go for certain games, just because of their engaging storyline. We are presenting here the top 3 games that have captivating storytelling in video gaming.

Dragon Age: Origin

The video game was created by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts on November 2, 2009. This 86-hour game is accessible on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and other platforms. This game, which has received 91 user ratings, is extraordinary in terms of gaming storytelling. The game completely altered the RPG industry in 2009, and since then it has become the standard for player preference. Even the worst of these stories would be praised and ranked first on the list because there are countless significant ways in which the story can be changed.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Published and developed by Rockstar Studios, Red Dead Redemption 2 was released on 26, October 2018. This game is 49 hours long and available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Although the core of the game is action-packed, the gorgeous world and all of its minute details serve as the setting for engrossing narratives that keep players interested.

Arthur Morgan, who collaborates with John Marston, is portrayed by the players. His life is guided by a number of quests, often pitting him against outside foes like other gangs. Arthur is also controlled by the player throughout the narrative, allowing them to influence the choices that shape the game’s engaging plot.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Characters and story have an enchanting effect in this game, which is unquestionably a success. To save the world, the player must complete a large number of quests. Because of how well-developed the plot is, players will occasionally forgo the best squad combinations in order to hear the friends they grow close to delivering memorable lines as they save an entire galaxy from extinction.

Mass Effect is also published by Electronic Arts and developed by Bioware game development services. This is a relatively new game released on 14, May 2021. This 103hours long game can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This game is used in making the Unreal game engine, however, Unity 3d game development is also known for amazing graphics and results.


Online games are adept at engaging players through storytelling. Developers frequently employ various storytelling strategies, such as Player-tailored, which we discussed in the game above, or narrative-plot or narration. Additionally, developers can combine different approaches. However, irrespective of technique, compelling storytelling in video gaming can maintain your position in the industry.

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